Monday, May 27

Choose Your Next Outdoor Lighting Fixture From These 8 Great Ones

Are you looking to make your property more secure?

How about beautifying your property?

You can do both with one simple improvement – outdoor lighting! Good outdoor lighting can highlight the beauty of your home or yard and keep you safe.

The right outdoor lighting fixture will even let you get creative and express yourself – there’s an outdoor lighting fixture for every budget and style.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve rounded up eight of our favorites.

1. Watch Hill Collection One Light

Inspired by Victorian-era lighting, this wall lantern from Progress Lighting’s Watch Hill collection features a cage-like design that embraces a glass shade.

A wall lantern like this makes for great garage lighting. Mount it on the side of your garage closest to your house to add ambient lighting to your home’s existing exterior lighting.

2. The Lamp Goods Exterior Outdoor Mason Jar

The Lamp Goods’ exterior outdoor mason jar sconce is the perfect exterior porch. You can opt for either rubbed bronze or an antique black finish. If your style is rustic farmhouse, these are a must.

3. Elegant Furniture and Lighting’s Outdoor Wall Lamp

Elegant Furniture and Lighting’s LDOD1101 model light makes a point – almost literally. This LED light casts bright but subtle lighting. Pick up a few of these outdoor wall lights and wall mount them on buildings near walkways to illuminate paths.

4. Acclaim Lighting’s Pineapple Wall Lantern

Perhaps you prefer something a bit more tropical and fun for your outdoor lighting? Acclaim Lighting’s Lanai collection is the perfect solution. The entire series is pineapple-themed.

Their 7501BC light is a twin candelabra, cast in aluminum with a black coral finish.

5. Acclaim Lighting’s Avian Post Lantern

Another fun light from Acclaim is their Avian two-light post lantern. This post light features a set of playful birds, curiously investigating a twin candelabra.

6. Hunter’s Lakemont Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light

Hunter’s Lakemont Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light is the perfect accessory for your covered patio, especially if you are going for a modern or beach style. The fan’s blades sport a wood grain look, and the LED light provides bright white light.

7. Kooper Decorative Outdoor Rose Lights

Kooper’s decorative rose lights feature pink and yellow flowers that shine brightly. Each “plant” is solar-powered and has a working time of eight to 12 hours.

8. Volt Lighting’s Rotating Hardscape Light

Volt Lighting’s rotating LED hardscape light is fully rotatable, allowing you to highlight key features like fountains or ponds.

However, don’t stop with this light – it’s only one type of light used in landscape lighting. It’s tricky to get right since landscape lighting uses many different types of lights to create ambiance and safety for your outdoor space. If you want a better idea of what good landscape lighting looks like check out

There’s an Outdoor Lighting Fixture for Everyone

There’s an outdoor lighting fixture for everyone’s style and decor, but remember, your outdoor lighting fixtures should provide you with a safer, more secure home. Once that’s been accomplished, you can opt for adding additional ambient or decorative lighting.

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