Wednesday, June 19

Choose Your Options for the Outdoor Kitchens

The sweetness of summer evenings makes you want to set up an outdoor kitchen pergola covers fort worth tx worthy of the name. Here are our five tips before you start. Small and large spaces can benefit from an adapted outdoor kitchen, and there is something for all budgets, from made-to-measure, to modules to combine, including nomadic versions on casters, or ultra-equipped models including cooking plan, cutting, storage, water point.

Define the type of cooking

Plancha, barbecue or bread oven, habits will determine the preferred cooking method. Fans of kebabs, ribs of beef and other merguez will look for the barbecue, fixed or mobile depending on the space available. Gas models are popular: easier to ignite, less dangerous, and easier to handle than embers, they multiply in gardens. But electrics are a good choice for terraces. For the fish and vegetables of the sun roasted to perfection, we will favor the plancha, which also allows you to cook meat. The bread oven, built into the garden is often a dream; it is a good complement for pizza lovers, but rarely enough on its own. There opt for the lakewood ranch outdoor kitchens now.

Choose the right location

Think of the electrical connection, for cooking appliances, but also of lighting, because the pretty garland, as romantic as it is, will not be enough to illuminate a table. Most of the time, this open kitchen is installed not far from the house to easily benefit from the electrical and sanitary installation, on one of the facades, the outdoor kitchen then becomes a real extension. If you envision it as a stand-alone unit at the bottom of the garden or near the swimming pool, refer to your local urban plan (PLU) to find out what distance from the neighborhood you are required to respect, as it does not exist. Don’t smoke your neighbors every weekend with your chipo smells!

Provide shelter

The sun, the cold, the rain, your kitchen will undergo different temperature variations. The ideal is to have an awning, or a waterproof pergola (bioclimatic, or with polycarbonate lining) to shelter it. Models on casters can also be easily stored. Choose materials resistant to bad weather, such as stainless steel, which you also appreciate its modern side and professional kitchen. For the worktop, marble and granite are popular for their resistance. Do you prefer it to blend into the background? Use materials such as stone and brick, classic and timeless.

Do not neglect the necessary surface

As in any kitchen, you will need a cooking space (grills, plancha or oven), a work surface to cut the marinated vegetables, prepare the skewers and dress the plates, a sink for easy rinsing and washing, storage space for storing crockery and kitchen utensils, and to avoid incessant going back and forth inside.

Polish the decor

Stone or brick, fixed or nomadic kitchen, once you have the kitchen that looks like you, take care of the details. Pergola, climbing plants, tinsel garlands, candles, utensils, decorates your outdoor kitchen like any room in the house. Another rich thing, like many of modern kitchens, it is opens onto the terrace, and it can be air conditioned for a long time, you can also have a small electric grill at 95 $, atleast for 5 years.