Thursday, April 18

Cigar Humidors as Per Your Choices

Making your first cigar humidor purchase isn’t that easy. In order not to be disappointed, certain selection criteria must be respected. To begin with, the most important thing to consider when choosing your humidor is its capacity. So you have to start by clearly identifying your needs.

The travel cellar

Are you looking for a cellar to go on the move, to travel? If this is the case you must direct your choice directly on cigar cases, ranging from 1 to 4 cigars or at best a travel cigar humidor. Among the travel humidors, you can easily mention the brand, which offers waterproof and shock-proof humidors. These humidors can accommodate 10 to 25 cigars. Check this website for the best options.

Among the cigar cases in the same way you can opt for leather cases, which are relatively noble and allow your cigars to breathe during transport, but also for steel or plastic cigar cases. Some of these cases are equipped with a humidifier and sometimes even a hygrometer! You will make your choice according to the module you want to transport and especially the size of the case. Indeed we do not think about it enough but it is much more practical to carry a thin and light case entering a pocket than a steel case which is sometimes too large and above all too heavy.

The aging cellar

Finally, if on the contrary you are looking for a cigar humidor that you will leave at your home, you must opt for more classic humidors allowing you to keep your best cigars in ideal conditions. It is therefore at this moment that you must pay attention to the capacity of the cellar. Cigar humidors of this type have different capacities. The trap to avoid during a first purchase will be to acquire a low capacity cellar by giving priority to price in the purchase criteria, because without necessarily talking about quality, these less expensive cellars are often the smallest and can therefore only accommodate very few cigars. Pay attention to the capacity of the cellar before making your final choice. Please also ask yourself the following question: do you want to store your cigars with or without their boxes? If you want to keep the boxes of your cigars as they age, you will certainly have to opt for a cigar cabinet. As cigar boxes quickly increase in volume, a classic cigar humidor that can normally accommodate 50 to 70 cigars will see its capacity greatly reduced if you leave the boxes of your cigars there. Also get to know all the science stuff about the same now.

The analog or digital hygrometer: Analogue hygrometers

The analogue metal spiral hygrometer is the most common in the humidors on the market. As its name suggests, the humidity in your cellar is measured using a metal spiral. In this case the spiral stretches or expands depending on the humidity present. Unfortunately, we have to admit that this type of hygrometer, although cheap, is among the least precise. They are very difficult to calibrate precisely and therefore sometimes show rough or erroneous results.

Among analog hygrometers, you find hair hygrometers. The real hair used in these hygrometers makes it possible to measure the ambient humidity more precisely. It should be noted, however, that this type of hygrometer can easily be damaged if the real hair becomes dry. Some experts agree that to properly maintain your real hair hygrometer, it must be regularly surrounded with a damp cloth so that the hair does not dry out.