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Cleaning Bars and Restaurants

The people who enter and leave a bar or restaurants every day are hundreds, if not thousands, in the case of clubs located in large cities such as West Midlands. When it comes to cleaning, highly frequented premises need even more constant and targeted attention. Moreover, the places where food products are treated daily, and therefore perishable, must necessarily be professionally cleaned and sanitized.

JK Cleaning deals with offering a variety of cleaning services to the operators of this type of commercial activity, satisfying the specific needs of bars and restaurants. The treatments offered can concern daily or extraordinary cleaning, or concentrate on specific elements of the premises, such as hoods, kitchens or shop windows.

Cleaning services for bars

Although the bars very often do not have a real kitchen, they are still highly frequented places, where even prepackaged food and drinks are served. For this reason, operators must rely on a professional company in the cleaning sector to clean and sanitize the room.

There are many elements to watch out for. The first of all is certainly the counter, where customers are received and with whom hundreds of people come into contact every day. This requires not only a thorough daily cleaning, but also a more thorough cleaning ideally on a weekly basis. Even the refrigerators and freezers in the room must be cleaned constantly, in order to avoid the proliferation of germs and bacteria inside the room. Similarly, toilets must be thoroughly sanitized every day, even several times a day.

Finally, as in any room or commercial activity, floors require constant and substantial commitment from the staff who takes care of cleaning the bar. Crumbs and dirt from the outside are on the agenda, and must be countered daily in order to maintain the good image of the place.

Cleaning of restaurants and cafes

The attention that must be paid to a restaurant or a diner is similar to that needed in the case of a bar. However, the presence of the kitchen and its various elements means that the cleaning of a restaurant must be even more thorough. The kitchen is, in fact, used several times a day for many consecutive hours, especially if the place is very large and hosts a large number of customers. As a result, fat, grease and food residues accumulate in restaurant kitchens, which must be eliminated in order to ensure the quality of the dishes and customer satisfaction , but, above all, to ensure that the premises comply with quality standards.

The cleaning of the room is also of fundamental importance, as it is the space in which customers sit. The floors, table’s chairs and Carpet Cleaning in Coventry must therefore always be in perfect condition in order to preserve the good image and reputation of the restaurant.

JK Cleaning services for bars and restaurants

When it comes to bars and restaurants, the services offered by our company go beyond simple cleaning. Our services, in fact, include, but are not limited to:

Daily cleaning of commercial premises: every day of activity requires thorough cleaning at the end of the day. This must concern floors, tables, counters, kitchens, the oven in the case of pizzerias, and all the other elements that make up a restaurant, bar, tavern or hot table. This operation allows the operator to keep his premises in order and to prepare it for the next opening day. JK Cleaning services adapt perfectly to any type of venue, as they take into account the specificities of each structure, also adapting to the cleaning of parquet and natural flooring.

 Thorough weekly cleaning: even if daily cleaning is carried out carefully, the premises where food products are treated must be thoroughly sanitized at least once a week. This operation must involve the various elements that make up the room and the kitchen and necessarily requires the intervention of a team of professionals in the cleaning sector.

 Extraordinary cleaning in case of renovation or inauguration: openings following renovations and inaugurations are very important events, in which the bar or restaurant presents its new image to customers, with the intention of retaining them. For this reason, the appearance of the room must be impeccable. It must therefore be cleaned of dirt and rubble that may have accumulated as a result of the work and improvements carried out inside the structure.

 Cleaning of shop Window Cleaning on the street:   the shop window is the business card of any business premises. It is therefore necessary that the windows of a bar or restaurant are always perfectly clean. A scruffy shop window could convey a feeling of dirty and unprofessional to potential customers.

Thorough cleaning of your restaurant, bar, pizzeria or diner can help expand the good name of your business

Thorough cleaning of your restaurant, bar, pizzeria or diner can help expand the good name of your business

JK Cleaning services for restaurants

Cleaning the kitchens and removing the   grease: Grease and dirt accumulate every day in restaurant kitchens, which must be removed in order to ensure the quality of the dishes and compliance with the standards imposed on the ATS. These operations must necessarily be carried out by a professional cleaning company in West Midlands, able to use suitable machinery and products. These cleaning services concern the hoods, where a lot of grease accumulates, but also work tools commonly used in the kitchen.

Particular attention is paid by JK Cleaning to the cleaning of steel, a material often present in the kitchens of large restaurants, both as regards the hobs, the hoods and the work bases. However, steel is not easy to clean at all, and must be treated with specific products in order not to be ruined. Our cleaning company has been operating in the restaurant sector for years and has experience in treating certain materials with special products and machinery of the highest quality.

If you think our services are for you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and prepare a free quote that fully reflects your needs.