Friday, April 12

Closet Organization by Closet Pro: How to Make the Best Closet?

Building a closet is like building a home. It takes a lot of research and analysis before you make the ultimate plan. Lots of people fail to do things properly. The reason for this is that they were not aware of the needs and dangers coming out from building a closet.

In this article, we’re going to share a couple of ideas and tips on this subject. They will help you create the best possible closet in your home. Follow up to find out what needs to be done if you want to have a fabulous closet.

1. Analyze your needs and wishes

The first thing you must do is sit down with the other family members that are going to use the closet and talk about your needs and wishes. If you live alone, then thinking about this more thoroughly and doing some research on the topic will be enough.

What is crucial here is to find out what kind of closet you want. The style is important, but also the types of materials and the overall looks. Have in mind what’s most important for you, and make sure you consider functionality. You have to think about what items you have the most and what kinds of items you need to install the most. Read here what a great closet should have.

2. Have the most used things easily accessible

The closet is being used for storing all kinds of things. Of course, clothes are the primary ones, but there will also be stored blankets, bags, shoes, and other stuff. Things you don’t use too often should go into places that are harder to be accessed. The items you’re going to use the most often should be the ones most easily accessible.

That means shirts, underwear, pants, and things you use the most should be paid extra attention. The closet should be made in a way for these items to be the first ones you’re going to grab when walking inside. You should make the drawers for underpants so high that you’ll need to climb the stairs but rather much closers to your hand reach.

3. Accessories are crucial

Even though you can make the entire thing with drawers, there’s still a need for some hangers and similar accessories. Without them, the closet will be incomplete.

When you’re deciding about how you want it made, think about these things too. Not all accessories can be placed in a closet that was made to go without them. That’s why you need to pay attention to these details before it’s too late.

4. Pairs should have separate sections

Some might argue about this one, but this is a practical need, not a separation by sexes. The reason why we say this is that a family of more than one person will have different needs. Depending on the space you have in the room, you should make two separate closets.

Men and women are dressing differently and they have different priorities. Because of this, different pairs of clothing will be a priority for both. The two separate sections should be made differently based on their needs. See here what this means:

One person should explain what their priorities are, while the other person should do the same. Based on their needs, the two separate sections should also be made differently.

5. Make the closet a mini house

When you’re making plans about how the entire thing should look like, have in mind that this place should look just like a mini house. The air ventilation, the windows, even a carpet should be placed. All these things will make you feel a lot more comfortable while you’re inside.

Some people prefer to have a small table where they can sit, or leave some of the things they have in their hand. This way it is easier to think about what to wear, and where to leave your belongings that might be lost during the process. You don’t want to look for your key for hours later, right?

Have all the things into consideration. Try not to miss something that might be highly valuable later.

6. Always have a ladder inside

You’ll be surprised how many people get hurt because they were trying to reach particular clothes place too high. There’s no need for something like this if you have a ladder in the room.

Of course, you can always ask the Closet Pro team to make them lower, but this way you might end up with insufficient space. You’ll have no room for storing all the clothes and materials that you planned to go inside.

With it, it’s clear that you should do what must be done – install shelves and hangers higher, but get equipped with a ladder that will help you get the stuff that is too high. Just like we mentioned in the accessories part, these things are crucial for making a closet state of the art amenity in your home.

7. Make sure it’s easy to maintain

We all want the stuff in our living space to be cool and fancy. We love having these things around us, but we mustn’t let ourselves make them on the cost of hygiene.

Make sure you don’t have blind spots that will only store dust and dirt. Even though the clothes inside will be clean and ready to be used right away, the parts of the closet that are unreachable will be full of garbage. That might make the clothes covered with dust and all kinds of allergens. Instead, try to build a closet that will not have parts of it impossible to clean.


These tips and tricks should be enough to help you in thinking about how to make your perfect closet choice. Have the best company do this and make sure you’re getting what you need and what you deserve. Pay attention to details, listen to the advice of experts and you’ll be happy with the final product.