Saturday, April 20

Colour and tile designs for commercial spaces

The popularity of tile designs in commercial spaces is no less than that of the residential spaces. Commercial interior design is a rising market. It is no longer limited to furniture, color or flooring. Apart from the aesthetics, the functionality is being taken into consideration too. The comfort of the commercial spaces is being measured thoroughly to ensure better implementation of projects and to boost employee productivity.

The commercial-grade products are moving at a rapid scale. As a result, you no longer need to stay limited, either beauty or functionality. With improving times, you can get both and that too at an affordable rate.

If you are considering the tile design trends for your commercial space, you can surely try these.

  • Deep and Rich tone

Dark color surely has to be one of the best trends of 2020 for the commercial space. The dark and rich tones around your house can help to create a long-lasting impression which is why you should surely take it up. The deep tones that will effectively suit your commercial space include that of gray and charcoal. Apart from that, you can also get colors such as deep red or lush green.

  • Go for neutral tile color

Believe it or not but neutral tile color is in vogue. Some of the prominent neutral tile colors that you should surely decide for your commercial space include plum, coral reef or neutral brown. The addition of neutral color tiles from Ceramique au Sommet can help to enhance the overall appeal of the house. Moreover, the neutral color tiles can make your commercial space appear clean, rich and bold. In no time can it bestow the versatility around the house.

  • Get geometric pattern flooring

Geometric pattern flooring surely has to be something innovative and creative for the commercial space. The geometric patterns have been there in the market for a long time. While initially the geometric were all the same, nowadays, there are differences. It is extremely necessary to be careful about how you incorporate the geometric pattern on your floor. You may as well opt for wall coverings which can help to increase the texture and interest around the office.

  • Get innovative with flooring

Whenever you are proceeding to floor your commercial space, you need to be careful with it. You can always show your creativity with how you lay down the tiles and what you pair with it. Various designs are available in the market so make your choice effectively.