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Street furniture ranges from the benches and seats to planters, street lamps, bollards, bicycle racks, and barriers. These are installed by the local authorities to make the street more people-friendly and safe. Street furniture creates the perfect setting for resting, sitting, and having social interactions with others. Hardwood benches alongside streets and in parks and playgrounds provide a safe spot for the children and elderly to rest and socialize. The street furniture is mostly in the hands of the local governing body and regulated by UK road traffic standards. 

Public space is strongly bound to a city’s cultural identity, history, and traditions. Street furniture which is properly integrated into the design of the public space helps to create an identity and develops a sense of place around it. It is difficult for anyone to understand fully how site design integrates the elements of furniture which are used for various purposes to create a sense of space. This creates ample opportunities for outdoor designers to create and design furniture pieces that are appealing and blend into the surroundings.

Contemporary Street Furniture is functionally motivated and follows the same principles as modern architecture. Nowadays the street benches, seats, and litter-bins are designed very simple and smooth with a minimalist approach. Contemporary designs can strip down decorative elements and focus on the design of the object to save time, money, material, and labor. The main goal is to capture timeless beauty with precision. Modern street furniture designers and manufacturers continue to evolve the designs. They are browsing through different materials with which to produce unique forms, and still opting for simple and light designs rather than heavy ornamental designs. A well-executed hardwood furniture design can result in timeless units of design that never goes out of style.


Contemporary designs for benches, bins, and barriers are becoming more common these days. Most of the furniture on the market these days are made of imported woods of unknown origin. At Branson Leisure, we offer you a wide range of modern and versatile contemporary hardwood street furniture. We take great care in sourcing our wood from responsibly managed forests. Our product range covers the whole spectrum, from traditional and robust benches, seats, and bins to modern and design-oriented solutions that perfectly blend into the contemporary architecture of our towns and cities. The combination of expert knowledge of timber and our craftsmanship results in furniture designs that are not just beautiful but last as well. Our range of street furniture provides urban designers with a choice of coordinated standard elements as well as the option of specifying items that are specific to their projects. Whether it is Hardwood Garden Bench UK or other hardwood street furniture, our products are designed with the intent to last for generations. We believe in modern designs and old-world craftsmanship. Our craftsmen use hardwood sourced from the best forests and a combination of old-world construction and new world precision. Our contemporary street furniture pieces have been gracing many streets in the UK. Our products are reliable, affordable, and long-lasting. Our company has progressed with newer trends across the UK. We take great pride in our craftsmen and our customer care service will provide you with the best assistance.