Saturday, May 18

Debunking the Most Common House Cleaning Myths That Exist Today

Did you know that most American homes have over 9,000 different species of germs? As you can imagine, most of these germs are harmless to humans, but some of them can make you sick. Fortunately, there are different ways you can remove these pesky germs.

But, unfortunately, several misconceptions roam the internet about house cleaning which may lead some to clean their homes ineffectively. That’s why in today’s post, we’ll be debunking common myths so that you can live in a safe and clean environment.

Myth: Bleach Is the Best Cleaning Product

Even though bleach is an effective cleaning supply to remove germs, it’s not a great product to use when it comes to breaking down dirty surfaces. In reality, house cleaners rarely use bleach while cleaning your home, and when they do, it’s to remove mold. Additionally, bleach can be harmful to your family and pets, especially if you use it a lot while cleaning.

Myth: Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Nowadays, most homeowners don’t want to have lots of different cleaning supplies, so most of them buy multi-purpose cleaners. But, the truth is that a multi-purpose cleaner is only good to clean a home superficially. For example, cleaning the surface of the toilet is quite different than wiping dust off the furniture.

Most residential house cleaners carry several different cleaning supplies, one for each room of the house. So, don’t be fooled into using only a multi-purpose cleaner!

Myth: You Only Need Vinegar to Clean Your Home

Unfortunately, while vinegar is great for removing gunk off furniture, it doesn’t kill germs or bacteria. Additionally, vinegar leaves an acidic odor, making your home smell unpleasant. But, of course, some of the best house cleaners use vinegar, but afterward, they’ll use chemical cleaners to kill the germs.

Myth: All Green-Labeled Products Are Good

In recent years, green-labeled products have become popular since they are eco-friendly. While some of these products are effective, some of them may leave harmful residue. But, this residue can be toxic to dogs or cats, so be extra careful the next time you use it.

Myth: Washing a Window With Newspaper

Without a doubt, you’ve heard people say that using a newspaper to wash a window is better than using a rag since it won’t leave lint or streaks. But, the truth is that some of the best home cleaning rags are as effective as a newspaper. Additionally, using a newspaper can also leave smudged ink from the newsprint, making your windows look quite dirty.

House Cleaning Misconceptions Debunked

Hopefully, by learning the truth about these house cleaning myths, you’ll be able to have a spotless home. Of course, the most effective way to clean your home is using a professional cleaning service, so be sure to contact one if you want to have a germ-less home. So, don’t waste any more time, and start cleaning your home the right way!

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