Tuesday, May 21

Difference between Wooden and Vinyl flooring

The two types of flooring which are popular among people are wood flooring and vinyl flooring. Both flooring has many pros and some cons. If you want to add the value to your property then you can choose one of them. Wood floors are made up of solid pieces of wood or may be with the use of engineered wood. Vinyl flooring is made up of synthetic man made material PVC.

Which type of flooring should you choose?

Whether it is wood flooring or vinyl flooring, both are modern flooring options. It all depends on your budget, flooring room and personal taste. Interior Motives Inc carries a variety of wood-look options to match the needs of your project. Below I am going to differentiate them.

  • Installation Process

If you are a DIY lover then with the necessary installation tools you can install both types of flooring. However, the professionals are recommended for the wood flooring as it is a bit difficult task. On the other hand, the vinyl floors can be installed without any hard effort. The main advantage of vinyl flooring is that it can be installed over the previous flooring.  Now wooden flooring is pre-cut and easy-to-install groove planks and tongue.

  • Cost

If you are looking for the best harder flooring then going with it is a bit expensive approach. The price of wood flooring depends on the level of hardness. The cost of per square feet hardwood flooring is somewhere at 8$ to 15$. On the other side, the price of vinyl flooring is affordable. If you have a less budget and are looking for attractive flooring then you should go with vinyl flooring whose cost per square feet is somewhere between $2 to$7.

  • Life

The life of the wood flooring depends on some factors. For example in which type of room it is installed? What is the type of wood? and how well it is maintained? Wood flooring is not a sensible choice for the basement. Well-maintained and properly installed wood flooring can run for long years. When it comes to the life of vinyl flooring, it is durable and can be installed in the washroom and basement. But vinyl flooring can be dented and installed.

  • Resale Value

Investing in the installation of the wood flooring can be proved as a long-term investment. First of all, it can increase the value of the home and the second is that it has an excellent resale value. Whereas the resale value of vinyl flooring is just fair.

  • Composition

The wood flooring is made up of the use of real solid wood which gives the natural grain and tone to the floor. Oak and maple are the most common options. Whereas the vinyl flooring is not natural as it is made up with the use of synthetic material PVC. If you are searching for the natural element and flooring for the home then you can go with wood flooring. The wood flooring is more aesthetically appealing than vinyl flooring.