Wednesday, April 24

Different types of carpet cleaning methods used by the cleaning companies

Amazing floor covering like carpet is a major part of home décor, as they can transform the overall look of your room. But due to continuous usage, they look dirty and grimy. So, the carpet needs deep cleaning. If you your lease period is ending, you should hire Sunshine coast cleaners because they provide high quality carpet cleaning at reasonable cost. They also use different cleaning methods some of which are given below:

  • Hot water extraction – In steam or hot water carpet cleaning, the hot and high pressured water is used to agitate the fiber of carpet and dissolve the dirt. This method typically involves cleaning agent, agitation of the carpet with brush and rinsing. Firstly, the cleansing agent is used on the carpets and left them for some time and after that carpet is thoroughly washed by the machine. 
  • Foam encapsulation – In this method, synthetic detergents are used and it will crystallize when it dries. The loosened particles of the dirt in the carpet fiber are encapsulated into the powder after the foam dries and finally it will be brushed or vacuumed. It is the most popular cleaning techniques and widely accepted because of the use of environment friendly products. 
  • Bonnet cleaning – It gives good surface cleaning results because it involves heavy duty motorized machine that has attached spinning pads. The spinning pads are fully immersed in cleaning solution to absorb all the dirt from the surface of the carpet. This technique is very popular in hotels or other heavy traffic area because quickly cleans the carpet.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – It is the latest technology for carpet cleaning that has gained popularity because of the effective cleaning and the convenience because it does not need carpet drying time. It has motorized counter brush that rotates and allows the cleaning solution to settle in the carpet fiber.