Wednesday, April 17

Different types of ready mix concrete:

Ready-mix concrete is the most essential part of the building material in the construction project. It is a very convenient and efficient tool for all the building. The concrete will be delivered to the site, which can be mixed and ready to be cast by saving your money and time. Ready-mix concrete is manufactured in the factory or within a batching plant based on the required standard specifications. It has higher durability and sustainability that is also ready available. Here are some of types of the ready mix concrete.

Transit mixed concrete:

Transit mixed concrete, also known as the dry-batched concrete because all the necessary ingredients, including water, are changed directly into the truck mixer. Cement is the primary ingredient used to prepare concrete, and the cement can be purchased easily from the cement manufacturer. The mixer drum is revolved faster at charging speed during the load of the material. After that, it continues rotating at an average agitating speed. It consists of three types of variations: concrete mixed in the site, concrete mixed in transit and concrete mixed in the yard.

  • Concrete mixed in the site:

While being transported towards the actual destination, the drum will revolve at a slow or agitating speed of 2 rpm. but after reaching the site just before discharging the material, it will revolve at the maximum speed of 12 to 15 rpm for ensuring its homogenous mixing.

  • Concrete mixed in the transit:

The drum speed is kept medium during the transit time, i.e. approximately 8 rpm for about 70 revolutions. After the process completed, it gets slow down to the agitating speed of 2 rpm till it discharge its element.

  • Concrete mixed in the yard:

The drum revolution was turned at a high speed of 12-15 rpm for about 50 revolutions in the yard itself. Then the drum is agitated slowly during the transit time.

Shrink mix concrete:

The shrink mix concrete will be partially mixed in the plant mixer, and after that, the mixing will be done in the truck-mounted drum mixer during the transit time. The amount used in the transit mixer depends upon the extent of mixing done in the central mixing.  Different test should be conducted to establish the requirement of mixing the drum mixer. Better handling and proper mixing practice will help to reduce the concrete consumption by 10-12%, and it has high versatility and most durable structure.

Central mix concrete:

With the reputation of excellent mixing effect and large capacity, central mix concrete is the perfect choice for large building construction. It has a demand for high quality. Central mix concrete is more precise and efficient weighing due to the electrical control system. It has high efficiency with an excellent mixing effect. The storage should be customized according to your demands. Anti-noise design and dust collection system make central mix plant environmental friendly.

End line:

The details mentioned above will clear all your doubts about the ready-made concrete; the ready-made concrete will help you build all your projects significantly and more manageable.