Wednesday, June 19

DIY Roof Leak Repair vs. Professional Repair: Which Is Better?

Projections show that the global roofing market size will reach a value of $156 billion by 2030.

No matter how well a roof is designed and built, it will wear down with time. Regular maintenance will help keep it in good shape, but some repairs will still be needed at certain points to fix leaks and other issues.

The question is, should you go with DIY roof leak repair? Or should you hire a professional roofing company? Keep reading to find out.

DIY Roof Repair

Many people enjoy DIY jobs. Within the home, these can vary greatly in terms of difficulty. Roofing jobs are not always easy, but if you’re quite handy you may be able to do them yourself instead of hiring a professional roof repair company.

Before you take on a DIY roofing job you should consider the advantages of doing it yourself.


The main advantage of fixing a roof yourself is the cost savings. All you will need to pay for is equipment and materials, without having to worry about labor costs.

On top of this, you can fix your roof whenever you want. If there’s a small leak that just needs some caulk to repair, or your gutters need cleaning out, you can go up and do this immediately, provided you have the materials you need.

Professional Roof Repair

There are many circumstances where it’s better to call a professional roof repair company. This is especially true if you don’t often do DIY work, as any mistakes can lead to further problems.


If you try to fix a roof leak yourself, there’s a good chance you won’t do it properly, and the leak will persist or get even worse. A professional roofing company will carry out the work to a very high standard, ensuring the problem is correctly repaired.

Even though DIY jobs are often cheaper, work done by a professional will often save money in the long run. This is because it will usually need less maintenance and repairs.

Any repairs done by yourself will likely not be covered by your insurance company. Professionals usually have insurance in place to cover any damage that occurs. Most companies won’t need to make a claim, however, as reputable companies will return to fix any mistakes they happen to make.

Professional roofing companies also already have all the tools and materials needed, which will save you from having to source them. This will help you save time, and could make the whole job cheaper.

When to Consider a DIY Roof Leak Repair

The only times you should ever carry out any DIY roof leak repair is if it’s a small, simple job, and you already have the materials needed. Anything that might prove a challenge should only ever be handled by professionals.

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