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Do You Know the Reasons Why You May Have Rat and Mice Problem?

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Rats can transmit many types of diseases. Also, their feeding habits are very destructive, and their nesting behaviour may compromise the structure of any infested buildings. However, rats are usually secretive and often cannot be seen by humans while their populations are low. Therefore, it is difficult to confirm their infestation.

One of the most obvious signs of a rat infestation is if you notice any dead or living rats. Rats normally prefer to hide, and it is quite likely that a full-blown infestation must be already existing.

You can also see their droppings, indicating a healthy rat population. Rats may also leave dirt or grease marks all along walls and floorboards. With the help of pest control Trafford in Manchester, you can easily eradicate them from your premises.

There are the following 4 reasons why you may be facing rat and mice problems:

1.    Poor sanitation

Poor sanitation is one of the key reasons for rat infestation. Poor sanitation may lead to a condition where rats and mice can have easy access to your food and water sources, and encourage them to move in and get infested in your home.

Generally, rats and mice are associated with unhygienic spaces, and hence they often get into the garbage scattered throughout your house. Also, if your home is not clean, then it will satisfy the criteria for having a risk for infestation.

2.    Can easily seek shelter within the home

Rats and mice will constantly try to seek shelter where they can find any potential nesting site for their young. While outside the home, they will hide within leaf piles, and any other kind of debris, and from there, the rodents may then chew through your siding of the home and try to get inside.

While searching for a safe place inside of your home, rats and mice can easily squeeze into extremely small spaces and gain entry. Rats can easily fit in unsealed holes and cracks within the very small size.

3.    May also seek shelter around the home

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If there are firewood piles present all-around your home then also it can entice both rats and mice. Big piles of lumber will serve as an easy shelter for these rodents if they can access it from the ground.

Any discarded automobile, furniture, or any other items may also act as potential shelter and are very attractive to rodents. Also, if you have got shrubs or flowers near home then rodents may seek shelter in such areas as well.

4.    Variable factors

Several factors make our homes more susceptible to rodent infestation. Few factors cannot be easily controlled, but they must be addressed so that you can prevent any possible entry.

By creating a certain high-frequency noise you can possibly distract these rats. Decreased temperatures also play a role in altering the rat and mouse behaviour, because if the temperature is cooler then the rat and mice infestations may increase.

That is because rodents prefer to stay warm that they cannot find in the outside atmosphere. So, the infestation becomes more severe during winter.