Monday, February 26

Eames Chair Replica as a one-hit wonder

Everyone loves how the Eames Chair Replica can hold its own when it comes to being used as a free-standing piece. However, even when being used like that, it still needs some manner of functional capacity to feel truly at home. So, if you want to use it as an iconic statement piece in your spaces, but simply cannot figure out how to do so, here are 5 great ideas to get you started:

  1. Your drinking buddy


The Eames Chair Replica will make a great freestanding furniture piece next to your portable bar. Not everyone has a cavernous wine cellar in their homes, nor does everyone have a fancy built-in bar. However, people do cherish some of their fancy liquor, which is why most have a nice mini (sometimes portable) bar in their homes. You can pair it up with the Eames chair to create the perfect and most stylish drinking environment – just as shown in this image!


If you’re an avid reader, then you’d know how absorbing the task of reading a fun book can be – you never want to get up, and the temptation of just-one-more-page keeps you glued to the seat. So, using a freestanding Eames Chair Replica as your reading buddy is a great way to accommodate your reading habit. Just place one by your bookshelf and you’ll get a great deal out of it.

  1. In the office


A fashion-forward study area is a great place to use the Eames Chair Replica as a freestanding furniture piece. It will prove to be an eye-catching accentuation as well as a cozy sitting area for when you need some downtime after work. The set-up featured in this image is a great example of how you can make the best of this technique while respecting your interior design theme.

  1. The sunny nook setting


If you’ve got a cozy little nook in your homes that everyone loves to settle down in, then it’ll be the perfect place to feature your Eames Chair Replica. During the summer season, you can simply sit down and enjoy some cool air-conditioning on it. In winters, you can flip things over and enjoy some much needed sun therapy whenever you need some down time. The best part is that it doesn’t even take that much space, so you can easily set the chair up anywhere around the house that you want.

  1. More than two


The beauty of the Eames Chair Replica is that it can be a used as a freestanding piece with other such chairs as well. For example, if you take a look at this image, you’ll see how the secondary sitting area is comprised of a really comfy arrangement of this lounge chair around a stylish coffee table. Not only does it act as the perfect conversation starter, but also provides a relaxing venue for game nights when you’ve got family and friends over at your place.

All these ideas for using the Eames Chair Replica as a freestanding furniture piece are super trendy and innovative. We hope they provide just the inspiration that you need!