Tuesday, May 21

Essential Elements for Your Home Office to Achieve Happiness and Success

In the past, working from home was considered a luxury. Today, it is necessary, even for those who couldn’t imagine spending their work hours at home. Due to the whole global pandemics situation, 2020 became the year when everyone tried working from home, except for front liners and industries where remote working was not a choice.

If you, too, belong to the group of remote workers, and have the chance to continue working from home indefinitely, consider creating space that will be your work haven. Even those working from your home long before the pandemic started, can use the advice of this text and get inspired to renovate your home office.

Creating a creative room where you will work more or less than eight hours a day takes some serious preparations. Such a place should be comfortable, ergonomic, and slightly different from the rest of the house as you don’t want to have the feeling that you are at home, yet you want it to be comfortable as much as possible. Here is how to achieve this.

Ergonomic Furniture

The chair and the workstation should be really comfortable and help you maintain a good posture. If they are not, not only will you be stiff at the end of the day, but health problems will also appear that might have severe consequences for your body. Some of these consequences include poor blood circulation. According to research, if you sit through your workday, you have twice the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. Therefore, having an extra comfortable chair is more than necessary. Other consequences are increased body fat, decreased concentration, fatigue, and digestive problems.

A Filing System

A good organization means the work is half done. For that purpose, you need to organize your files neatly and have easy access to any document you need at the reach of your hand. You can achieve this with a filing cabinet next to or behind your desk. You can put all files in folders alphabetically and never lose data.

A Window with a View

Your home office must have a window with a view. This means that you need to place your desk against the wall with a window so you can enjoy the outside view when you feel blocked or tired. It is best if you could choose a room with windows looking at your garden or perhaps the city as this kind of view can take away your thoughts off some current issues and blockades.  

Colored Walls

Another way to feel like you are not at home but still cozy like at home is by having the walls painted a different wall paint than the walls in your other rooms. When choosing the color, make sure you understand the psychology of the office colors so that you can select the most appropriate one.

For example, orange is said to expand your thinking, nudging your creative capabilities. It is a vibrant shade that expresses confidence and cheerfulness. On the other hand, dark blue is a lot colder color that encourages efficiency, and it purifies your energy. Your thoughts become more apparent, and you can solve any problem.  

Next, you have green, which reminds you of nature and its abundance. It encourages you to expand your talents and use them to increase your wealth. Purple is the royal color that evokes fresh perspectives. It is an emotional color that makes you think with your heart rather than with your head. If you are not involved in the art industry, it is better to avoid this color. Red is the color of energy – it is such an intense color that can make or break you. It can over-excite you or agitate you. Be careful with this color if you need to make life-changing decisions on a daily basis. Moving on to yellow. It is the color of focus – it stimulates your thinking and facilitates communication.

Neutral colors are a safe choice but not a fun one. Be bold and choose a color that speaks volumes about you, your mood, and your job.

Final Words

Your home office should be a place that feels like home, but it is not. It should evoke creative forces and keep your focus on your job. While you are working, you can even put a sign on the door to keep the curious kids away. The rest are healthy furniture, wall paint that inspires, a helluva view, and a significant organizational system.

If you are not sure how to achieve or place the elements, you can always consult a virtual stager who does staging an office digitally. They can place all the elements you want in a room digitally so you can visualize the result. Once you are sure about the look, you can proceed with actual renovation.