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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance - IGS

People nowadays have begun to shift to sustainable energy due to its beneficial effects on the environment. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages especially when it comes to cost-saving. The most common ones that we use at home is solar energy.  This is the most simple and reliable energy source that has become quite popular and readily available in the market.

Solar energy is derived through photovoltaic panels or mirrors that concentrate solar radiation.  These solar panels convert sunlight into thermal or electrical energy. Installation of solar panels are low risk and may be costly initially, however, it will help save you more money than paying for electricity especially during the cold season.

A solar energy system has 3 major components:

Photovoltaic (PV) modules or Solar Panels

These are generally what we see being placed on the roof or on a pole facing the sun. Solar panels are the key to the entire solar energy system.  These panels absorb sunlight and generate DC electricity.

Battery system

Batteries are usually optional, however, here is where the energy generated during the day is stored.  If you opt to have full solar energy at home or in the office, a battery is a must-have.  Otherwise, by night time, your place will go back to your old electricity system.  Among all the components, batteries are often the ones being replaced from time to time.


Inverters play an important role in your solar energy system, as they are responsible for converting the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity, which powers everything in your home or office.  Since inverters have the biggest role in the entire system, and work constantly all throughout, they tend to have faults and may need solar maintenance services, hence, this is one element that you should not cut short on budget and choose the high-quality ones in the market to avoid headaches.

Solar Monitoring plays an important role for you as the owner.

With a solar monitoring software, you may be able to keep track and easily view how much energy and how many kilowatt hours of electricity that your solar panels are producing.  You can also track your daily energy production as well as its lifetime production as well, helping you monitor how much energy and money you have saved.  It keeps you updated and helps ensure that your solar energy system is working properly and efficiently.

Now the question is — should you be getting a Solar Monitoring System along with your solar energy system?  Of course!

Not only does a solar monitoring system measure your energy consumption, solar electricity production, grid imports and exports, it also monitors battery charge and discharge.  The monitoring system, through an app on your mobile, will send you the data you need every few seconds at timely alerts so you are always at ease.  Plus, you are able to pinpoint problems immediately before they get worse, so your home is safe and free from worries.

Find solar monitoring services that offer the best package and get that energy efficiency and peace of mind that you always wanted.