Saturday, April 20

Everything you wanted to know about digital metal prints

Choosing artwork for your home can be an overwhelming process, but instead of just buying framed pictures and paintings, how about displaying your favorite memories? Many contemporary homeowners are now opting to print images and photos on mediums like glass, fabric, metal, and acrylic, which can be used as décor art pieces within the house and beyond. Printing services, like Big Acrylic metal prints, make it possible to print almost anything of your choice. In this post, we are sharing everything you wanted to know about digital metal prints.

Are digital metal prints better than acrylic?

There is no straight answer to that. Some people just like the effect of digital metal prints more than acrylic, and vice versa. In general, metal is considered to be ideal for all places, especially outdoors. For instance, if you want to hang a picture outside your home, or on the exteriors, digital metal prints are definitely the only viable choice. There are varied options in metal prints too. If you want the image to have a more brushed texture, you can go for brushed metal that creates a more industrial feel. White metal is a better choice for images that are lighter in color, because the shades come out better.

Other things to know

There are various display options for digital metal prints, from float to float box and float frame. Metal prints can have both matte and glossy finishes. Usually, most of the brushed metal prints have a matter finish, which can be made glossy by varnishing. The material used for the print also makes a difference. The most popular choice is called di-bond, which is a kind of aluminum composite material. Di-bond basically has two sheets of aluminum with a core that’s made of polyethylene. The printing is done using a special printer, which is typically good at ensuring accuracy of colors.

Ordering your digital metal prints

Whenever you are printing photos, no matter the type, ensure that you are using the best quality images available. It is possible to create digital metal prints for any photo you have, but with a more high-resolution picture, the final product will look better. It is well-known that metal prints are not easy to break, which makes them ideal for homes where there are happy & naughty kids around. Just make sure that the prints aren’t too heavy and select the best printing service you can find.