Wednesday, June 19

Few Common Reasons For Damage Of Your Commercial Roof

As most of you may be knowing that having commercial roofing can always be a matter of a substantial amount of investment for any commercial building owner. Having invested so much money, if it is not properly cared for, then it may lead to many failures and eventually, the whole facility may get wrecked. That will be money down the drain!

So, if you take a little time and understand the various reasons that can be damaging to your commercial roofing after discussing with any professional commercial roofing savannah ga company like A to Z Construction, you can surely help to save the loss of your hard-earned money.

The following are a few signs of damage in your roof that you also can find yourself:

  1. Rips found in EPDM membrane
  2. Cracks on TPO roof coating
  3. Ponding water
  4. Flashing got separated from the roof
  5. Membrane waving due to wind
  6. Loose fasteners
  7. Water spots on your ceiling
  8. Roof leaks

Most commercial roofs can get damaged and fail over a period of time, due to many different factors and reasons. In this article, however, we will try to focus on a few of the major reasons of such damages:

  • Exposure

The following unfavorable weather conditions are beyond your control and can always pose threat to your roof’s lifespan:

  1. Excessive rainfall
  2. High wind
  3. Hail
  4. Lightning
  5. Drenching

So, choose suitable roofing materials based on your location.

  • Infrequent routine maintenance

Failing to take up the required maintenance work immediately after noticing the problem may also lead to damages.

  • Poor drainage system

A proper drainage system must be carefully made to make sure that all the rainwater is drained and no water pooling takes place on the roof.

  • Unprofessional installation

Always prefer to use the services of any professional roofer and seek a better solution. Going for a band-aid type of solution may lead to a major issue sooner than later.

  • Overused roof

Every commercial roof is expected to survive for 15 to 20 years. If it has already survived beyond that then you can expect damage at any time.

  • Roof leakage

Roof leakage is the most common problem of any kind of roof that needs an immediate solution. Ignoring it can compound the problem even further.

  • Wind issues

The following are few issues that can cause due to wind:

  1. Wind uplift
  2. Roof’s seams and membrane damage
  3. Can blow-off caps and vents of chimney
  4. Water may get in.
  • Standing water

Standing water on your roof is caused due to poor design or clogged drains that can deteriorate the roof materials and eventually cause leaks. Also, due to clogged HVAC units or failing to get the right slope may cause such issues.

Punctures and penetration

During maintenance, often new penetrations can happen in the roof. Such penetrations must be effectively sealed.

You may not be able to protect your commercial roof from damage throughout its whole lifecycle, however, with routine inspections backed by adequate maintenance, you can avoid any expensive repairs and also prolong the life of your roof.