Wednesday, April 24

Five things to consider while When Renting Your First Apartment

It can be quite an adventure as well as a daunting task to go on a hunt for the first renting the very first apartment in our life. As it can be proved to be quite tricky and a lengthy process. If we are not having any prior knowledge of the market or our priorities are not set right about what we want and what we are looking for. This can end up in bad decisions which may cost us our valuable time, money, and regret of moving into a place that we did not desire in the first place. Or end up paying higher rent for services we did not need.

Often in a surge of events and confusion, we cannot think clearly as so much is going on while we are considering renting an apartment. According to Doug Culkin president and CEO of the National Apartment Association, it’s normal not to know it all when it comes to renting your first place. “First-time renters often go in blind,” he says.

Even though it is O.K if we are not well aware of the ins of outs of creating a lease agreement, there are few things we must consider thoroughly before renting an apartment. So here are five things to consider while When Renting Your First Apartment

Renter’s insurance:

It’s a fact that adding a renter’s insurance is going to put some extra burden on paying the monthly bills, but it can be quite a lifesaver in face of an accident like a fire or a natural disaster, even a burglary. As many not many landlord’s insurance policies cover the personal property of the renters.


After the apartment itself, the second most important thing to consider is the location of the apartment. We should look for a place where essential shops and services are available. We do not wanna ruin our time and money being stuck in traffic or driving long distances to avail of any services or get some products.

Hence we should always look out for few walkable options with proximity to public transportation. It without saying but we should map out the distance between your potential home and your work.


Before considering an apartment for renting, we should make a checklist of things we couldn’t do without in our first apartment. For instance, if we need an in-unit laundry or an on-site workout room or perhaps an elevator instead of stairs. There are more of these amenities we should be considering to ensure that we enjoy where we are living.

Roommate or no roommate:

This can be often a financial decision that can afford a place on your own or will be needing a roommate to help us cover our bills. But if we are considering that then we make sure to put in some safeguards to prompts against any clashes we may have about paying bills, cleanliness, noise, and more.

Knowing community rules:

Nowadays many apartments are having policies regarding quiet hours, visitors, and pet restrictions to ensure peaceful coexistence, and breaking these rules will result in fines and penalties. Although some Apartments do offer a great deal of freedom, we must ensure that we are acquainted with the policies and rules before moving in.


Renting the first apartment can be quite challenging, but with the right amount of research, consideration, and reconsideration can save us from landing ourselves into someplace where we are not supposed to be.  Or we can also consider looking for online options like Place Realty lead by owner Kris Thorkelson and the Tom Haughton Winnipeg Vice President of My Place Realty (MPR), a Winnipeg-based property management company that provides quality multi-family homes for people and families.