Monday, May 27

Flat Roof versus Pitched Roof in Canton Michigan

The roof gives a fundamental design to the building. Have you ever thought about getting a place with vaulted ceilings or planned about changing the look of your house roofing style to a bungalow or of a cottage style? The way to modify the look of any building is changing the roof design. Mostly, the roofs of the buildings are either flat or pitched (angular) roofs. Changing the pitch of the roof require massive structural changes from replacing the roof’s ridges, props, rafters to internal walls. Altering the roof design involves more than replacing the roof tiles or the materials.

Hence, if you are designing a new place for yourself then think twice about your requirements and designing. Roof pitch plays a very significant role in determining the type of roofing system and the materials that should be used in the architecture of your building. It is not just about the roof aesthetics, but also about how the roofing system will perform over the years and how often it will demand repairing. If you’re looking to have a new roof installed on your home or business premises, the decision between a flat-roofed or a pitched roof can be a tough one. As both the Flat and angular roofs have their own pros and cons. Flat roofs are more commonly used for designing commercial buildings while pitched roofs give an artificial beauty to the building.

Flat Roofing

The flat roof is more desirable for the commercial buildings; they are compact and are ideal for extensions and garages. Building a new roof requires time and hard work. Flat roofs winston salem nc are quick and easy to install. Most of the flat roofs are not completely flat; they are generally low slope roofs, and are designed with a little slope for the drainage purpose. The shingles leak so badly on a flat or low slope roof hence, the membrane system is installed to cover it and protect it from damage and leakage. The most common types of flat roof membrane systems are torch-down, single-ply, and built-up. The flat roofs can be the ideal canvas for an eco-friendly green roof.

Most of the disadvantages of flat roofing are related to maintenance. They require proper attention and the areas which face extreme rain and snow throughout the year should either go for a pitched roof or should talk to their roofing canton MI company to find any viable approach for you.

Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofing is known as angular roofing and is known for longevity and durability. They come in different shape and sizes from simple two-sided slopes to complex shape combining hips and valleys. They are comparatively more compact than the flat roof and due to the limited exposure they provide high thermal insulation. The pitched roof withstands snow, ice, water and wind the triangular shape gives them more stability and ensures the proper water drainage. The pitched roofs are quite expensive as compared to flat roofs but require less frequent and cheaper repairs hence compensating the expenses.

Hire a professional roofing contractor canton Michigan, for the best roofing services that will give an aesthetic look to your building.