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For a Modern and Comfortable House: What to Have

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We are always only one design choice away from having a home that looks outdated and old. There is a thin line between traditional and tacky, and we need to have a keen understanding of the key characteristics of a modern house.

At the same time, modern need not be cold and sterile. If you want your house to feel trendy and ultra-comfortable like many modern homes in a suburban community, here are some features and additions you cannot neglect.

Great Room

One of the key markers of a modern house is an open floor plan concept, which means that all your common rooms—the living room, kitchen, and dining area—are all together in one Great Room. You might notice that homes that were built before the 1990s had common rooms separated by walls, so if you want your home to feel new and fresh, make sure it’s an open space concept. 

Kitchen island with extra storage

Another feature of a modern home is a kitchen island with plenty of storage—especially ones that are rectangular or square. They are incredibly stylish and functional and instantly elevate any kitchen and complete its modern look and atmosphere. Just make sure they are perfectly proportional to the size of your kitchen and to the people who are doing the cooking most of the time.

Big, open windows and natural light

Modern houses are known for celebrating natural light. If you truly want a modern home, you want to find a space that includes plenty of large, unadorned windows. Contemporary houses are known for celebrating the outdoors and the natural greenery in the area instead of focusing too much on artwork and other decorative elements in the home’s interiors.

Welcoming entryway

contemporary and stylish take on the mudroom, a modern and welcoming entryway must have the following elements:

  • It sets the tone for the rest of your interiors, which means it must follow the same style and theme you are going with for the rest of the house.
  • Form and function must coexist seamlessly, which means it should be a space where you and your guests can check your coat and even take a second look at yourself before you leave or enter the house.
  • There should be a seating area and storage space for footwear, especially if you’re establishing a “no dirty shoes” rule in the house.

The basic elements of a stunning entryway include a cadenza or a console table, a mirror, some potted plants, and other accessories and decorative elements that work seamlessly with the rest of the house.


While your home need not feel like a house straight from a sci-fi movie, a modern house should have some modern tech and smart tools in it. While you don’t need to have a microchip installed on your wrist to open locked doors, your home would benefit greatly from having some smart locks installed, as well as some upgraded security cameras that you can view and monitor from your phone.

Modern houses are also known for their energy efficiency, starting from the utilization of natural light. 

Steel, glass, and concrete

A contemporary house also celebrates the use of more “industrial” materials like glass, steel, and concrete. When partnered with wood accents, there’s no reason why these materials can’t make for a warm and homey atmosphere.

Connected indoor and outdoor living spaces

Even before the pandemic, contemporary houses were already known for the smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Make sure to use sliding glass doors or floor-to-ceiling windows if you want a seamless transition between these two essential parts of the house.

Clean lines

Modern design is also known for its clean lines, vertical and horizontal elements, and stark contrast while still blending in with the property’s surroundings and greenery. Ultimately, modern design is all about embracing function and simplicity without sacrificing style and aesthetics.

A place for entertainment

And last but not least, modern homes must have room for entertaining plenty of guests or enjoying family time, hence the celebration of the open space concept or having a Great Room. Incorporate plenty of seating and textures that add warmth and comfort, like blankets, throws, and pillows.


You can incorporate vintage and antique styles without compromising the crucial features and additions that make a home look like it’s from the 21st century. Embrace these essential features and feel free to play around with the furniture pieces, colors, and other design elements of the interiors. Adding touches of more vintage elements will add depth and character to your interiors. Good luck!

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