Friday, June 14

Frequently Asked Questions On Pipe Relining

When having troubles with broken pipes or blocked drains usually meant that you’d need to get these excavated, but things have changed. Today, pipe relining is a simple process that’s more preferred by residents of Narrabeen. Instead of the traditional trenching that happens, where a plumbing company is required to dig up streets or walls to remove and replace pipelines, pipe relining uses a flexible tube coated with resin. Resin is pulled into the damaged or inflated pipe and is inverted to adhere to the interior of the pipe. Once it hardens, a pipe is created within the pipe. The entire process involves little to no digging – a single access hole is typically all the digging needed.

We’re going to look at some of the most frequently asked questions to answer some of those you might also have. Let’s get into it.

What Are The Types of Pipes Can Pipe Relining be used in?

Today’s pipe relining can be used in several pipes including sewer, stormwater, fire service pipelines, water mains, concrete pipes, pool pipes, copper lines and seal offs in property connection.

Is this a Proven Technology? How Reliable Is It?

In some parts of the world, this technology is considered new. However, it has been successfully used in countries such as Australia, Europe and the US for the last 50 years. The application is reliable and provides long-lasting resilience to pipes that’ll last for decades with minimal problems.

What is the Pipe Relining Made of?

Pipe relining is made of epoxy fibreglass reinforced liner made to withstand high amounts of earth movement, and pressure.

Will my Landscape be Dug Up during the Pipe Relining Process?

No. Pipe relining involves little to no digging. It is an advanced technology that isn’t as invasive and disruptive like traditional pipe repairing. This means that your landscaping and gardening will not be damaged during the process.

Is It True That Pipe Relining Is Expensive?

Depending on where products, equipment and processes are sourced, like those found in Germany, the efficiency of the relining will be different. Pipe relining is far less expensive than traditional pipe replacement methods. This is because there’s no use of large trenches being dug and little damage to landscapes and substrates – meaning you’ll end up saving more money of fixing cracks after the process has been carried out.

How Long Does Relining Last?

As a tried and tested technology, you can expect the relining material to last up to 50 years.

Is There Any Guarantee of the Work?

As a professional pipe relining company in Narrabeen, we’ve established ourselves as a brand that takes their work seriously. Using high-tech CCTV for inspections, and with a team of licensed experts, we can guarantee professionalism and good repair work on all our projects.

How Long Does it Take to Complete Pipe Relining?

The pipe relining process is a fast and effective method of fixing and repairing damaged pipes, and in most cases, it will not take more than a day to complete. This also increases reduced disruption on your property in Narrabeen.

How Will You Know Whether Pipe Relining is required for Your Damaged Pipes?

Conventional methods of pipe replacement are usually more effective than relining, and for that, you’ll need a regular plumber to carry out the work. As experts in pipe relining, we will use advanced CCTV drain cameras to inspect whether there’s any damage to your pipes. These cameras give us an objective view of whether pipe relining is an adequate solution for your needs. Once the camera work is done, we will show you a visual image of the damage on a monitor so that all parties have a clear understanding of what the situation looks like so we can move forward.

There are many more questions about this technology that you may have, and we are more than happy to answer then. It would help if you were well-informed about the technology and its processes, so make sure you do your research before hiring a pipe relining company.

At Platinum Pipe Relining, we pride ourselves in being quality local plumbers in Narrabeen. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of pipe relining solutions to all our clients. Please speak to us today!