Tuesday, May 21

Fun Facts About Phoenix, AZ

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The capital of Arizona contains a massive percentage of the state’s population. Taking its name from the mythical bird, the city is a sprawling arena of breathtaking scenery, bustling metropolitan areas and millions of visitors. Here are some of the more interesting and fun facts about Arizona’s state capital and, in addition, some tips on how to use these facts to increase your standing in the housing market. 

Sports Fans Dream

All four major sports leagues have Phoenix representation, so if you’re a fan of the MLB, NBA, NHL or NFL you can catch a game in the city. Phoenix has hosted the Super Bowl three times too with the first being back in 1996. A history of gorgeous weather year-round makes a day at the ballpark or out at the football. They also have a soccer team in the second tier of the US system if you’re a fan.

Very Well Located

As the fifth largest city in the US, Phoenix has a bustling vibrancy to it that few places in the country have. The region of Greater Phoenix sits within the Sonoran Desert, one of the greenest deserts in the world with a species of 40 foot cactus and a plethora of wild flowers making it a unique landmark within the city. With its size comes plenty of plot space for home remodels and extensions and a great deal of variety in its home landscapes. Phoenix home remodeler is plentiful and specializes in all manner of housing additions that can add style and value to your home. 

Arizona Has a Large Number of Tourists

Phoenix’s second biggest industry comes in the form of tourism. The city boasts 480 hotels, 200 golf courses, and consistently high ranking 4 and 5 Diamond resorts. The 22 million visitors the city welcomes each year can take advantage of 334 sunny days a year with temperatures rarely – if ever – dipping below freezing. As a place to live there aren’t many places in the country with such a pleasant climate which makes it a popular destination for vacations and relocations.

Current Resurgent Housing Market in Arizona 

Following the housing crisis twelve years ago properties in the Phoenix area had fallen to up to half their previous value. Fast forward twelve years and the city’s real estate market has recovered astonishingly. Phoenix saw a 7% increase in home prices in 2019 alone and has become one of the highest appreciating markets in the country. However, the resurgence of people moving to the city and the strong nature of the economy means Phoenix is a great place to invest in right now. Hiring a remodeler to update and upgrade your property is a shrewd choice to add huge resale value in a competitive market. 

There has never been a better time to work on your Phoenix home for residents, and for buyers it is a fantastic opportunity to add to your portfolio or invest in a strong housing market with potential to grow, with any remodeling you choose strengthening your position in the real estate landscape.