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Get Rid of Clutter! 7 Perfect Home Storage Ideas

Let’s be honest; no one’s home actually looks like the photos in catalogs or on social media. Those photos only showcase the best areas of the home, instead of the baskets of laundry waiting to be folded or the dishes in the sink.

While chaos is a part of a typical home, clutter can cause mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and a lack of focus. Finding home storage ideas can help inspire you to get your mess under control, easing the stress and anxiety.

If your home is plagued with clutter and you’re not sure how to upgrade your self storage wichita ks game, be sure to keep reading for some of the best tips and tricks to help you combat chaos and keep your home organized.

1. Multi-Functional Storage

One of the best ways to add storage to your home without it looking like traditional storage solutions is by utilizing furniture that’s multi-functional.

A great option that homeowners use is in their mudroom. These rooms help prevent dirt, shoes, and bags from being strewn about a home.

One great furniture option for a mudroom is a bench. Not only can you sit down to take your shoes off, but these benches often contain storage underneath the cushion to keep clutter at bay.

Similarly, some options even have hooks attached to store jackets and lighter bags, while others have cubbies where you can keep your shoes organized.

2. Add an Ottoman

An ottoman in your living room, sun parlor, or TV room is a great way to keep all your personal items out of sight and safely organized.

These functional furniture pieces add a great touch to any room, helping the room look warmer and cozy. Because of the simplicity, you can place it essentially anywhere in a room, though most opt to use it as a footrest.

Ottomans are often square or circular, hollowed-out pieces of furniture. While many homeowners choose to store extra throw blankets or pillows inside, you can also hide the clutter caused by toys or video game consoles inside.

3. Utilize Wall Space

If you feel like you don’t have the floor space available to add extra furniture for storage, take advantage of the free space on your walls!

Between shelving to hold books, game consoles, or season decor to hooks you can hang coats and hats on, you have enough wall space to free up your floors.

Not only are shelves functional, but they also help to create visual interest throughout your home. Bare walls are boring, and only hanging photos can make your home look flat. Shelving adds dimension and character to a room.

4. Outsource Extra Items

While you may have some clutter caused by children’s toys, pet supplies, or a work-from-home job taking over your house, the mess caused by excess furniture can be overwhelming.

Unlike other items, you can’t hide an extra couch or old coffee table in a bin on the shelf. If you find that your home is overrun with excess, bulky furniture, you can look into outsourcing your storage.

You can easily rent a container to help aid in getting rid of clutter and keep all of your large items at bay. You can even organize all of the important things that matter to you.

Whether you collect books, memorabilia, or antiques, renting a storage unit can keep them safe. You won’t have to worry about someone tossing an item that looks old since it will be safe and sound in your container.

5. Desk Storage

If you work from home or spend a good portion of the day at your desk studying, you’ll need to invest in easy, accessible storage. A cluttered workspace means you run the risk of losing or misplacing crucial documents!

Whether you invest in a desk with a ton of built-in drawers, add separate shelves to sit on your workspace, or get a detached cart to keep your files organized, keeping this space clutter-free is crucial.

You can also purchase fun desk accessories that help keep the small items, like stationery, organized and easy to grab when you need them.

6. Shelving Solutions

Another great way to tackle a cluttered house is by utilizing shelving.

You can purchase shelves to hold your items, whether they are books, toys, or knick-knacks. While some have doors, choosing an open-faced storage solution can help your home feel less clinical and showcase your collections.

There are even different styles of shelving available to help you perfectly match the aesthetic of your home. You can choose a sleek and modern glass or acrylic option, while a rustic ladder will fit cozy, cottage-influenced homes.

7. Create the Perfect Closet

Finally, one of the best ways to up your storage game is by mastering the art of closet organization. However, this will differ as a linen or hall closet will utilize different tactics than your clothing closet.

A hall or entryway closet should have plenty of space for items like heavy winter coats, linens, cleaning supplies like vacuums or brooms, and any tools you may need.

In order to organize these, you’ll want plenty of space to hang items, whether you use hooks or a rod for storage. You can also utilize shelves to hold light items like sheets and towels.

When it comes to your clothing closet, you may want to keep certain types of clothing together. For example, keeping pants, shirts, and dresses can ensure that you can easily locate what you need when you need it.

The Best Home Storage Ideas to Combat Clutter

Keep your home organized and reduce your stress by keeping these home storage tips in mind the next time you dedicate a day to decluttering.

Whether you hang shelves or search up “storage container near me,” there are plenty of options you can incorporate in your home. If you don’t have room for an ottoman, select another option that is right for the space you have.

If you found these home storage ideas helpful, be sure to visit the rest of our website for more great home improvement tips and tricks.