Monday, June 24

Gift Ideas for a Housewarming Party

You have been invited to a housewarming party and you are so excited for your friends. They have been saving for a down payment on a house and finally found the home of their dreams, qualified for a mortgage loan, and closed just a few days ago.

Now they are in the process of moving in and some of their closest friends decided to throw a housewarming party for them in their new home. The party is scheduled for a few weeks to give them time to settle in but now that you’ve accepted the invitation, you are wondering what kind of gift you should bring.

Do You Know What They Need?

If you know of something they need, that might be the place to start. Maybe it’s a new coffee pot because their old one broke in the move or perhaps it’s a new set of cappuccino mugs to go with the espresso machine their parents bought as a housewarming gift. If you don’t know what they need, then ask a family member. There is sure to be some little thing they need or want that is within your price range.

Wall Art

One housewarming gift many people love is wall art. It could be a framed photo of a landscape or perhaps a picture or two of their favorite animals. If you know what faith they are, you might even find something to hang on a wall that would serve as a blessing for their new home. Catholic gift ideas would include something lovely like a religious icon of a saint, the Virgin Mother and Infant Jesus, an angel, or perhaps a hand-painted rendition of the Last Supper. Whatever their faith, there is bound to be some lovely form of wall art that would serve as a blessing for their new home.

A Potted Plant

Every home could use a touch of nature, so why not give them a beautiful potted plant? Rubber trees make nice gifts because they grow taller, are easy to care for, and when polished, the leaves literally shine. Maybe even an herb garden for their kitchen would be something they could both use and enjoy. Any kind of decorative herb garden would be an ideal housewarming gift.

A Personalized Door Mat

Perhaps you noticed that they don’t have a front door mat. You can easily order a personalized door mat for the front entryway that reads something like, “Welcome to the Home of the McFarland Family.” Obviously, their name would be substituted there, but it is something that is personal as well as useful and few families in their new neighborhood would probably boast of such a thoughtful, personalized gift.

One thing you might want to do is get together with the other friends you know who will attend the party to see what they are getting. Shoot ideas back and forth and with a stroke of luck, everyone will walk away with a gift in mind. You want to get something they need, but more than that, you want to get something they will cherish as a reminder of the friends who came to wish them well in their new forever home.