Thursday, June 13

Guide to Finding The Perfect Dining Chairs For You

We can all agree to the fact that your dining room is the heart of your house. It is the place where you spend most of your time entertaining people with your delicacies and meals. Dining rooms are the most important part of your home, and to make that important part perfect, you need to find the perfect dining table, and to make that perfect you need to find the perfect dining chairs that suit you and your style.  

Finding your style

If you’re finding it a bit hard to choose what type of dining chair will be the best for you, then firstly you need to settle for a style. Styles like rustic wood or antique metals, traditional classic, and contemporary sleek designs are some of the main styles to choose from. Once you have found what style of interior decor you want in your dining room, then we can start looking for the perfect chair. 

Here are some designs of chairs that you may want to look into for finding your right dining chair. 

  • Side chair: Side chairs are hands-down the most classic and traditional dining chairs of all time. These dining chairs can be boat casual and formal, and they take their name literally as they sit along the side of your table. 
  • Ladderback chair: Featuring horizontal slats spaced along the back of the chair, ladderback chairs are the staple of antiques. Usually made of wood, this classy looking chair gives a light and airy look to your room, working best with rustic or antique dining tables. 
  • Armchair: The classic armchair has to be one of the favourites among people of all generations. They are super elegant and classy with their large sizes, giving character and depth to your dining room. They can be formal or super casual based on the designs you are choosing. 
  • Windsor chair: This type of dining chair takes its inspirations from early English designs, often featuring a half-circle back supported by vertical rods or slats and with spindled legs. They are best in rustic metals or antique wood. 
  • Slope dining chair: Giving the 80’s vibe, slope dining chairs are cool and sleek, featuring a comfortable leathered or faux leathered upholstered seat, making them both kid and pet-friendly.

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