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Gym Mats Save Gym Owners From Slip And Fall Charges

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Gym is all about sports, aerobics and various kinds of exercises. To maintain a good body and muscle mass a trainee needs a lot of exercise and practice. According to experts, trainees lift heavy weights to get faster results. Running on treadmills, pushups, picking heavy tools are risky exercises. Some of the equipment and tools are also heavy.

This kind of practice is risky for gym owners, especially when the trainee is a newbie. People pick heavyweights, but their body is at risk of injury and pain. Slip and fall are quite common in gyms. A study has proven more Americans to be seen in an emergency due to slip and fall accidents in the gym.

This is because the floors in gyms are made of tiles or marble. This material is slippery. In the motion of exercising a person forgets or gets distracted from the fact that they’re working out on slippery tiles thus, they tend to fall and fracture or injure any part of their body. Thus, gym trainers must install gym mats. It protects the trainee as well as the floor by providing a cushion while exercising.

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Why Install Gym Mats?

The safety of gym members is the overall responsibility of the gym owner. The free areas can be dangerous because people do all sorts of exercises in open spaces. Most of them use yoga mats, but those who forget to bring mats, often use the naked floor to do exercises and to lift heavyweights. Gym owners have different types of equipment and tools which are light or heavy. Installing gym mats reduce the risk of slipping while using any of the tools.

Gym mats are not like exercise mats or yoga mats. They are more durable and thicker that work as a cushion while flipping and leaping on them. These mats are made thick so that performers feel at ease while exercising on them. It contains more pads to reduce the shock in joints, necks, and back while jumping or exercising.

Common Reasons for Slip and fall in Gyms

  • Trainees sweat a lot while exercising on machines like treadmills, making the grips slippery. At times, it becomes hard for another user to exercise on the same machine because of sweat and water spilled.
  • Patrons sweat and drink water while exercising, and they also wet the floor after taking shower. This can make the area slippery for another user.
  • Broken tiles, torn carpets, open cords, and electric wires on the floor are also a few reasons for tripping and stumbling on the floor.
  • Trainees who lose control or balance on a machine also fall on the floor hurting their bodies.

By installing floor gym mats, gym owners can keep their clients safe. It will also save gym owners from slip and fall charges which will cost a lot of money and sometimes they also have to shut down their business due to major accidents.