Wednesday, April 17

Home improvement categories that you can turn into the business

In this article, we will go through home improvement space and how you can get unique ideas to invest money in those spaces.

Electronics and home appliances

Selling electronics and small household appliances is one of the most profitable business ideas. Despite the pandemic, according to analysts, this market segment grew by 16% compared to last year. The sales leaders were computer and office equipment, gaming products, mobile devices, home appliances. In 2021, priority was given to essential purchases. Smartphones were updated less often than usual. In the next 2 years, sales dynamics in this segment will even out. Therefore, you should pay attention to the most anticipated new products in 2022 and, if possible, add them to the product range. You can use electronics to listen to music. Quality music in the background will always change the mood. Also, you can play Spotify and other music platforms. At the same time, you can buy 100000 Spotify plays and enjoy more organic reach for the track promotion.

Eco-friendly products

In recent years, consumers have been actively interested in products made in environmentally friendly ways. They are recyclable and thus help to keep the environment clean. The sustainability trend will continue into 2022. So take note. Many niches can be adapted to this theme. Tell customers that you are for ethical consumption, care for the environment and this is part of the brand philosophy. Change service standards: pack goods in eco-friendly materials, use electronic checks instead of printed ones, add eco-friendly products to your assortment. The considered segments are what will be of interest to consumers in the first place. But don’t rely solely on them. The market is dynamic. Consumer demand is constantly changing in one direction or another, innovative products appear. To meet the needs, you need to follow the analytics, study the latest marketing research. As always, inexpensive mass-market products will remain in demand: clothing and footwear , household goods, food , alcohol , pet food , and personal hygiene items.

Cosmetics and personal care products


These products account for 32 and 34 percent of online sales, respectively. Fashion for personal care products has not changed over the years. New brands of popular creams, shampoos and toothpastes are coming out, which suppliers themselves bring to the market. But with cosmetics, everything is much more interesting. Trends here are fleeting, just like in the world of clothing. By the way, make-up trends are born on fashion catwalks. Together with new clothes, models demonstrate new trends in make-up, which then go to the people.

Korean cosmetics

Korean cosmetics brands are bestsellers in the beauty industry. The number of monthly queries on this topic in Yandex Wordstat has exceeded 290,000. Presumably, this trend will safely migrate into 2022. However, according to experts, the focus of consumers’ attention will shift towards efficiency, convenience, accessibility and safety. Complex multi-step care and unusual jars with cartoon designs will no longer be so popular. Their place will be taken by premium products in packaging with a concise Western style, express products for instant application, unusual textures and textures.

Intimate goods

The purchase of such goods in online stores is understandable: it is guaranteed to ensure the anonymity and security of the transaction, which in this case is a priority. For this reason, lovers of diversifying their sex life began to buy intimate goods online as soon as they got the opportunity. In addition, manufacturers of such products regularly indulge customers with a variety of new products.