Thursday, April 18

How Can We Use Radiant Floor Heating As A Primary Heat Source?

Many owners ask whether radiant floor heating can be used as the primary source of heat. The key reason behind using a radiant heating system as the main source is its efficiency. Floor radiation eliminates indoors allergies since it eliminates breeze blasts. There no cold air packets in heating systems and you can enjoy warmth in the entire room. 

With a floor heating Montreal, you do not need a large vent to connect to an internal air system. This system neither overheats the outside space of your room nor spreads heat to other areas of the house. A radiant floor heating system emits heat from the floor, which makes it possible for all parts of the room to spread heat. You need to make some considerations if you want to use a radiant heating system as a primary heating source. Here they are:

Heating a Room in winter

To use radiant heat as the main heating source, you need to make sure the heating area you intend o heat is air-tight.  Then you need to ensure that all areas where air generally escapes are sealed, especially during extreme climatic conditions in the winter. Also during the chilly days of winter, you can keep your room warm if you use the heating system properly.

Proper Insulation

If you are going to use a radiant floor heating system as the prime source of heating, make sure the room is properly insulated. Many factors decide that insulation is done properly. You should focus on insulation behind the walls, but also a spotlight on how well your doors and windows are sealed. The number of walls, doors, and chimneys should also be centered. For example, it can be difficult to heat sunrooms as they also have very thin walls and wide windows that facilitate heat loss.


Position of the room you intend to heat

The position of your room also matters. With a radiant floor heating system, it is easy to heat small rooms. On the contrary, the rooms whose walls are in contact with outdoor air are hard to heat with this system.

Which type of flooring is suitable for radiant heat?

Based on the type of surface, you can expect the temperature from your radiant heating system. There are various floor styles, such as laminates, carpets, and tiles. You can bring much more heat into the room by using a high wattage product as coverage.