Wednesday, April 17

How do I know when to replace my roof?

There are numerous signs it’s time to replace a roof. And if you’re a homeowner looking for the best advice, you should keep reading this article. Our gutter contractor bedford in shared their insights on the most common signs you need a new roof. Let’s explore the telltale indicators you need to pay close attention to today to keep your property secure and safe from serious damage. 

Curling shingles

Roofers say that you should have regular roof maintenance appointments to prevent shingles from curling. But if you notice curled or buckling on your roof, it is a sign you need a new roof. Poor installation might cause this since it exposes the shingles to wind and ice damage. The result is a lot of cracks and breaks, which can’t be restored.

Missing shingles

Another sign it’s time to replace your roof is missing or broken shingles. This shouldn’t happen, since it can allow water to pour inside your home. Overall, this is caused by significant wear and tear, and it indicates your roof reached the end of its lifespan. If you notice any missing shingles, you should contact a local roofer to assess and suggest how to replace your roof.

Sagging roof

Many homeowners might overlook his telltale sign a roof reached the end of its life. But roofers say it is more than necessary to have your roof evaluated as soon as you notice it sagging. Long-term water damage is the main culprit of a sagging roof. And if you want to determine whether this is the case with your roof, you can perform a simple checkup. Look at the roof like, and if it isn’t straight, the roof sags and needs to be replaced.

Broken flashing

The flashing can withstand a lot of wear and tear. But it can lift, dry, or separate around eaves, stacks, valleys, or the chimney. So, if you notice your flashing is damaged, you should know this is an expected outcome of roof expansion and contraction. But a professional roofer might need to take a look at it to prevent further damage. In most cases, the best solution will be replacing the roof.

Granules in the gutters

In time, shingle granules can shift position, move, and make their way in the gutters. When your roof gets old, bare spots can appear, leading to more granules moving around. Shingle granules have a darker color, and you should never postpone fixing your roof when your roof loses shingle granules. It can allow moisture or water to enter your home, causing unnecessary damage.

Final word

According to our expert roofers, this is how to tell it’s time to replace a roof. Of course, there are several other signs you can pay close attention to. For additional information or advice on roof maintenance, we encourage you to request a professional assessment. Only a roofing contractor can help you determine whether you need a new roof. Also, you should install a new roof with a roofer, and avoid DIY projects. It is the best approach to prevent costly damage and serious security risks.