Wednesday, April 17

How do you do basic landscaping?

If you’ve never attempted a landscape design, hearing about all the details that go into the beautiful samples you see might make you dizzy. From plant options to concrete designs, irrigation and fixtures, there is just so much to compare and decide. But, if you want to start from the very basics, it may be less complex. You can do basic landscaping that takes your exterior design from 0 to 100, without breaking the bank, or your back. To get started, check out these steps to get your landscaping on the path –no pun intended! 

  • Plan it out 

As a beginner in landscaping, the smallest detail like concrete design can throw you off balance so the first thing you have to do is plan out the process. Write out your wants and needs for the landscaping and include all your creative ideas. The plan you draw up will help you make the best decisions and get the beautiful and practical result you want! 

  • Find the perfect location 

Next step is to find the best spot for all your fixtures. If you want to have gnomes around your porch or patio, how best can you place them? If you want a lot of shrubs, where would they be optimized? These are the types of spaces you need to check out in your front or back yard in order to do basic landscaping with ease and still have a perfect outcome! 

  • One seed at a time

It is easy to get overwhelmed when designing and implementing your landscaping, which is why you have to make sure to take things one step at a time. You can start by having the plants delivered and sited, see how that looks and assess if you are ready for the next step. You don’t have to get everything done all at once, just start one seed at a time.

  • Choose an highlight 

While you are keeping your landscaping simple, you can still find a focal point to highlight the layout. You can get a big shrub or medium sized rock and place it at the center of your landscape to give you the highlight effect. Your highlight can also be a central lighting unit in the grass. 

  • Size and scaling 

One major thing to consider when planning for your landscaping is the size and scale of the elements. Avoid items that dwarf your home and instead opt for things to optimize the space. If possible, take a picture of your front and back yard space to compare with the sizes when shopping for your landscape elements. You want to improve your curb appeal, not crowd your porch. 

Landscaping can beautiful with a few items just as it can be beautiful with a full-on installation; you just have to find what works for you and try it out! For complex fixtures, be sure to contact a professional landscaping company to avoid causing damage to your land and property.