Friday, June 21

How Durable Are Ceramic Light Switch Plates?

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Light switch plates don’t typically undergo much wear and tear. However, the white plastic covers most common on light switches can sometimes break, crack, or even become discolored with age. If you’re looking to upgrade to something else, like decorative ceramic switch plates, you might be wondering if they’ll be any more durable than the plastic ones you had before. Keep reading to learn how ceramic switch plates compare to standard plastic.


Plastic switch plates can crack from the blunt force—like a toy that’s been thrown or moving furniture— or even just from tightening the screws too much. The more plastic ages, the more brittle it becomes, making such cracks more likely. 

While ceramic isn’t completely immune to being cracked, it is much more durable than plastic. Ceramic is thicker and more robust, but more importantly, it doesn’t weaken with age as plastic does. It means that no matter how long you keep your ceramic plates, they won’t be any more likely to crack when your kid throws a ball in the house.


Having pieces break off of your wall plate usually occurs as a result of earlier cracking. As small cracks spread, corners and edges unsecured by the plate’s screws and fall off exposing the wires behind the light switch. It is not only unsightly but can be dangerous, especially if you have curious children in the house who may be tempted to explore that hole in the wall. 

Because ceramic plates are less likely to crack, they’re also less likely to have pieces break off. It helps keep your family safer.


Unlike plastic, your ceramic switch plates’ colors and patterns won’t fade or turn yellow with age. The colors will remain just as bright and beautiful as the day you bought them. It also means that you’ll be less likely to have to replace those switch plates simply because they’ve started to look old. So long as you clean off the switch plates periodically to remove dirt and smudges, they’ll continue to add beauty and functionality to your light switches for decades.

Overall, decorative light switch plates from ceramic will last much longer than those made from cheap plastic. They’ll provide an upgrade of both durability and style to any room where you install them. Plus, with countless color and design options available, your light switch covers will be able to contribute to your home’s décor, rather than simply fading into the background like your standard light switch covers. In every way, ceramic switch plates are a definite upgrade.