Wednesday, April 24

How far the Security Safes Are Important for You

To protect jewelry, documents and cash, nothing like a safe. To place or to embed, with key, combination, digital or biometric, behind its steel walls your valuables are safe. Dial the code, turn the disk, lock it is protected.

Built-in safe

 The built-in safe is ideally installed during construction and for obvious reasons of safety and common sense, a thick and full wall is necessary. There is no question of cutting your plasterboard to embed the safe, apart from concealing it, the wall in question would not provide any protection. You can go for the security safes there.

Safe to ask

The safe to install is preferably fixed on the concrete floor, using concrete plugs. Protecting his valuables is good, but if the first thief can steal the trunk which is supposed to ensure their protection, it’s average. To do this, the walls are pre-drilled as well, you can fix it to the ground and seal it, which prevents any tearing. As with the built-in safe, there is no question of fixing it on a worm-eaten floor with 40 mm screws or of sealing it with plaster.

What volume to choose for a safe

  • Here is a criterion of choice which only you have the answer.
  • Ask yourself what you want to protect – documents, checkbooks, jewelry, passports, small savings, computers, etc.
  • Different volumes are available (3L, 7L, 15L, 40 L etc.) and think that the more bulky a safe, the more difficult it is to hide.

Which locking system to choose

Key lock

  • It’s the simplest and most classic, only downside, you must not lose the key.
  • This may seem obvious, but don’t forget that it is a safe and that it is designed to resist break-ins . If you have to force the lock to open the safe, good luck.

Key lock and disc combination

For the pro-classics

Two locks are better than one, you must dial the right combination and use the key to open the door.

Electronic combination lock

For more comfort of use

You only have to enter your secret code on the digicode to unlock your safe.

The advantage is that several people can have the code, and no more lost keys. Programmable and reprogrammable, the digital code works with battery and is delivered with emergency keys – some models have an external emergency power supply.

Key and electronic combination lock

The two technologies combine for better security.


Your fingerprints are enough for opening. Uncommon today, this locking system is reliable and also has an emergency key.

Board of choice

The locking system is chosen according to the number of users and their ability not to lose a key or forget a code. Obviously, two closure systems are more effective than one.

The level of security relates to the use of your safe and what you want to store inside. Consider the frequency of use as well.

What are the security levels of a safe

To assess the reliability of a safe, because you can imagine that there is a difference between the most expensive and the least expensive, several characteristics must be considered in its manufacture such as the thickness of its walls, its resistance to fire, fall, etc.