Tuesday, May 21

How Long Does above Ground Pool Installation Take? A Closer Look

Have you been considering adding an above ground pool to your property? A pool can have a transformative impact, making a dull plot of grass into a getaway. Aside from budgeting money for the project, you’ll want to consider how much time you should budget.

Read on to learn how long above ground pool installation takes!

Factor in the Space Needed for Pool Installation

You’ll need a level surface to install an above ground pool. If your backyard is sloped, it can add time to the process to level the ground using the equipment. And once leveled, you’ll need to create a sand base for most above ground pools.

How much land you will need depends on the scale of your project. Consider your limits with the total pool cost first. You may need to build a smaller backyard getaway for the summer months since some above ground pools can cost nearly $10,000.

And before clearing any land, get your project cleared with your local government. You may need a permit to move forward with pool installation.

Framing is Part of Above Ground Pool Installation

How long does it take to install an above ground pool? That depends on how big of a workforce you have to handle installing the pool frame. With a few people working together on an average-size pool, you can tackle the project in a weekend.

Framing begins with standing up the individual wall sections. The next step is to bolt them together to create a secure structure. Then you’ll want to rake the interior space again to ensure that it is level.

Vinyl Liner and Plumbing Come Next

Since liner is a fragile material, you need to be careful to avoid rips. Learn more about what mistakes to avoid with installing it. Or, better yet, enlist a pool contractor to handle this process!

It also is important to have expertise when it comes to installing the necessary plumbing. After all, you don’t want your pool leaking, and you want the water to be clean. Your pool installation timetable could be delayed if you have to wait on a certified plumber.

Decks and Decor Can Increase the Time

Depending on your budget, you may want to add more features around your pool. While this will ratchet up the pool cost, add-ons like decks and party lights can create a perfect at-home sanctuary.

Look into adding a deck that makes accessing the pool easier, or a canopy for shade. Floating lights can add ambiance to a nighttime swim, while floating drink holders will bring the party to the pool. Be aware that extras like decks and canopies will take hours or days to install.

Build the Best Pool for Your Needs

Above ground pool installation can take as little as a few hours to as much as a few weeks. The timetable depends on a number of factors, including size. Make sure you have a plot of land ready to go, and then start planning the pool installation!

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