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How Much Does a Shed Cost on Average?

The average cost to build a shed is just under $4,000. However, when you look at the full range of costs, you’ll discover that it’s quite wide–between $1,000 and $9,000.

With such a wide range, how can you get a better sense of what buying a shed will cost you? It helps to understand what factors are tipping the scales.

How much does a shed cost? We’re going to talk about everything from size to materials and beyond so that you can start planning your shed buying or building project.

Read on to learn more about what can influence shed prices.

How Much Does a Shed Cost Based on Size?

You can intuit that a larger shed tends to cost more money. Is there a way to break down the cost of a shed per square foot?

Once again, we’re looking at a pretty big range. Sheds can cost anywhere from $20 per square foot to $200 per square foot. How much your shed costs per square foot will have a lot to do with the materials you want to use.

How Much Does a Shed Cost Based on Materials?

There are three main materials that people tend to use when constructing a shed. Those materials are metal, wood, and vinyl.

Metal such as galvanized steel is a practical choice because it can keep out the elements and pests. If you want a low-cost but durable shed, metal may be the way to go.

Wood is one of the most common choices because it is the most attractive. However, you’ll probably have to dish out more dough if you want to buy a wooden shed that can survive extreme weather or keep out pests.

Vinyl is going to be one of your most durable options. Vinyl is used to make upscale sheds that can withstand years of brutal weather patterns and persistent pests while also providing the most internal temperature control. As you could guess, vinyl is the most expensive option.

What Other Factors Determine Shed Prices?

There are a few other factors that can determine the price of your shed. One of them is function. If you want a shed that functions as a usable space like an office, you’re going to spend quite a bit running things like electricity and temperature control to your shed. If you just need extra storage space, you won’t need nearly as many bells and whistles.

Choosing between a prefabricated shed versus an on-site build will also impact the cost. Find out more on sheds for sale to start setting a budget.

Buy a Shed That Meets Your Budget

How much does a shed cost? It depends on everything from size to function. The best way to get started is to start looking at your options and set a budget that can help you to achieve your goals.

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