Tuesday, May 21

How the Right Main Door Design Can Transform Your Home: A Closer Look

When renovating your home, the front door might be low on your list of priorities. You can completely transform the inside of your space, but if the outside of the house doesn’t give a good first impression, was it worth it?

Don’t neglect the front of your home in favor of all the bells and whistles inside. Add some of the aesthetic magic to your main door design. After all, it’s one detail that will welcome you home every day.

The right front door design can transform your home exterior. Here are the details that you should know.

Selecting a Door Style

When selecting a door style, you want to keep two factors in mind: your own personal style and the architecture of your home. These two often go hand in hand, since most home buyers keep their style in mind during the purchase.

Keep the architecture in mind with simple questions like if it’s a contemporary or classic style. What details and features does your home exterior already have?

These questions can help you select the best door that perfectly fits your home.

Deciding on a Door Color

Door color is where you can get a little more creative. Bright, colorful doors are a consistent home trend, even if the specific shades change a little.

When deciding on a door color, keep the coloration of your house in mind. Neutral home colors like black, white, gray, and tan often look best with any color.

But if you have a colored home such as blue, yellow, or red, you should choose a complementing shade for your door color.

Choose the Right Material

You’ll find that most doors now are made of one of three materials: fiberglass, wood, or steel. Each brings its own look and style to a home. You’ll also want to consider the durability of the material and if it is well-suited to your climate.

Solid wood doors are less common now than wood veneers. There is a range of species, grains, and stains that can make your front door feel customized. However, wood is much more sensitive to moisture and sun damage.

Fiberglass offers affordability and durability and is excellent for harsher climates. If you love a door with a bright color, painting fiberglass with acrylic paint is the best option.

Steel is an excellent option for energy efficiency but often doesn’t work well in extreme temperatures. Though the material is strong and won’t crack or warp, it can dent easily.

The Right Main Door Design for a Home Transformation

A front door can say a lot about the people living in the house. Are you bright, bubbly, and fun? Or do you love tradition, antiques, and classical design? Or maybe you’re a combination of the two.

Your front door will welcome you, your family, and any guests into your home. That’s why it’s important to choose a main door design that stands out from the other homes on the block.

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