Saturday, May 18

How To Avoid Blockage Of Drains?

A drain is a plumbing system, where the unwanted fluids are discharged from building to building. In a few drain systems, these unwanted fluids can be reused, they are recirculating as beautiful fountains. The design of these drains is set based on some parameters for their proper function. Proper maintenance is the basic factor to avoid functional failure of the drains.

During heavy rains, the manholes on the roads are kept open for the easy washout of the rainwater, a proper alert is required during this time as there can be a chance of slipping in the manhole.

·      Drain Detectives in London

When a blockage is observed in the drains, the services of unblock drains london are done with great equipment and efficient work. Full skilled and well-experienced plumbers use different and easy techniques to unblock the drains. They use CCTV cameras to detect the problem.

In fault cases, shampoo packets or any cloth may get stuck in the pipes of the draining system and result in the blockage of the pipes. If this blockage continues, it results in a bad smell and also leads to the production of harmful bacteria.

·      Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners are used to get rid of this blockage. There are different types of drain cleaners now available in the market with a relative cost. It is better to approach the plumber before choosing the type of drain cleaner. These drain cleaners have a few disadvantages along with the advantages. One of the drain cleaners is of chemical type. These are available online also. These are of flake types that are powder form. It is added to the blocked drains along with the hot water. It dissolves all the oil content and other stuff in it and thereby cleans the drain system. Handheld drain augers are another type of drain cleaners which are used to clean the long and straight pipes. These are available at low prices in the market. But it can clean only up to 8 meters of the drain pipe. People usually pour hot water into the sink, pipes, and drains to clean and clear the way.

Safety precautions must be taken while using these drains cleaners. Avoid touching them without hand gloves, cover your eyes and nose with a mask and keep them away from the children. Don’t forget to wash your hands properly after using them.

·      Unblock Drains

Drain unblocking can also be done using baking soda, vinegar, salt, and caustic soda, etc.  Eco-friendly drain cleaners are called biological drain cleaners and are also used to unblock the drain system.

It is better to avoid throwing sanitary pads, shampoo packets, razor blades, syringes, etc. into the plumbing system. It is very important to contact the plumber when a drain blockage is identified.