Saturday, May 18

How To Care for Outdoor Furniture

Home improvement is a billion-dollar industry! Every homeowner wants their home to look great and one easy way to achieve this is with the right outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture can make your patio or backyard look its best. However, because they are outside this furniture tends to be vulnerable to damage.

Taking care of them does not need to be difficult as long as you develop a routine for their care and know exactly what to do.

Here’s a look at how to do outdoor furniture maintenance so that your furniture can last longer.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture must be cleaned gently, using a mild cleanser. If you have to brush away dust make sure that you are using a soft bristle brush that will not scratch or tear the fabric of the furniture.

If the outdoor furniture is made out of plastic or aluminum you may not need a brush.

A critical part of cleaning outdoor furniture is inspecting it for mold and mildew. Outdoor furniture is very susceptible to mold and mildew especially if you live in a warm climate.

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Use Furniture Covers

There’s a common misconception that outdoor furniture only needs to be protected from rain and snow. While it is true that outdoor furniture needs to be protected from these elements, it also needs to be protected from the sun and heat damage as well.

When the furniture is not in use you should cover it with furniture covers. This is because the heat can damage the materials and even fade them over time.

Arrange Storage

You should have some kind of plan in place for how you’re going to store your furniture if there is inclement weather. Even if you live in a warm climate you need to store your furniture if there is severe wind and rain.

If you live in colder climates when the snow starts you need to make arrangements to protect the furniture by putting them in storage. A safe corner of your garage or a shed would be a good solution.

When caring for outdoor furniture, always protect it with a sealant or fabric spray before putting it in storage. This will prevent it from deteriorating.

Additionally, use a tarp or furniture cover to protect the furniture while it is in storage.

Take Care of Your Furniture

Outdoor furniture needs to be taken care of if it’s to stay in great shape. This means that you need to make sure that you have a regular cleaning routine for your furniture.

Maintaining outdoor furniture also means that you need to have covers for your furniture and proper storage when necessary.

If you do all these things, you should be able to make your furniture last for a long time. If you would like more informative tips, please visit the furniture section of the website.