Friday, April 12

How to change a home air filter

The life and efficiency of a home air filter rely on its timely maintenance. Here we have come up with some suggestions by air filter installation Elmhurst on how to change your air filters.

  • Hints for maintenance: The first maintenance tip is to make sure whether the air filter of your unit requires cleaning or replacement. There are two types of filter available- disposable and reusable. If your system is installed with a reusable air filter you can simply take it out, wash it, and then attach it back to the place. If the filter has worn out and requires replacement, take correct measurements to choose a new one. Lastly, make a note to clean the filters once in a month as dirty filters can hamper the air quality

  • Replacing the filter in return air duct: If the return air duct of furnace needs to be changed, it can be quite handy. First, you need to unhook the latch that covers the grill. Once the grill is exposed, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off. If the dust has settled in between the slats, wrap the cloth around a flat screwdriver and gently move it across the slats to clean it. One can also use a vacuum with a brush mouth to clean it. Replace the old filter with a new one, keeping in mind the filter direction and finally secure the latch back to its place
  • Replacing the filter in air handler cabinet: Air filter installation Elmhurst suggests that before replacing the filter of air handler cabinet switch off the system. Once done, remove the latch and take out the filter to wipe off the dirt. A reusable filter is washable, so one can use water to clean it thoroughly. A low-pressure spray can be used in the opposite direction if the air. Before hooking the filter and the latch back to the system, make sure it is properly air-dried. The same method is used to change the filter of window AC unit.