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How to Choose the Best Equipment for Landscaping

Did you know homeowners have been completing renovations during the pandemic? If you want to learn about landscaping equipment you’ll need, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over equipment for landscaping to use to transform your landscape.

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How Do You Pick the Right Tools?

You’ll need to spend time looking for the right landscape tool. Some machines will suit your property better compared to others.

You can drive a dozer or skid steer loader across an extensive landscape. You will need to haul something like a mini-excavator if the distance is far.

Try gauging the size of your equipment off the size of your landscape. Small projects will benefit from compact machinery. Larger projects will need extensive equipment.

You’ll also need to consider the terrain. What kind of terrain will you work on over the next while? How much traction will you need on your landscape?

For example, soft earth will need a low-pressure machine. Hilly or slippery areas will need a tracked device, not a wheeled one.

Do you need to work in an area with low-hanging branches or small spaces? You should get a compact-sized machine.

Next, you should look at the needs of your project. You might have different steps to complete during the project. Do you need to remove some trees?

Will you have to grind down some stumps? What about mowing and demolition? Check out the muthing flail mowers.

Think about the goal for your landscape. This will help you prepare the area for planting or rebuilding. List out all the tasks you will have to complete.

Start comparing the tasks, and think about what machinery you will need. Do you need special attachments?

Finally, think about your budget. You want to avoid overspending on the project if possible. Pick a machine that will meet your needs.

Are you working on a short-term project? You could buy a piece of used equipment or even rent the machine.

What About Skid Steer Loaders?

A skid steer loader is a lightweight and small loader. It’s easy to use a skid steer loader on your landscape and transport things.

Depending on what job you need to get done will affect what kind of skid steer you buy. There are some skid steer sizes and horsepower ratings for different projects.

For example, a small machine will weigh up to 1800 pounds and be below 50 horsepower. A medium machine will weigh up to 2000 pounds and is between 50-70 horsepower.

A large skid steer will weigh over 2200 pounds and has more than 70 horsepower.

Skid steers are versatile machines. You can pick one with a radial lift or a vertical lift arm. Vertical lift loaders are helpful if you need to work at eye level or above.

Radial lift loaders are helpful if you’re working on something below your eye level.

Skid steers use a hydraulic system and have fewer mechanical parts. With landscaping, you can use a skid steer with a different attachment.

The attachments could push, plow, haul, or even lift. This will make tight turns a challenge.

Multi-Terrain and Compact Track Loaders

A multi-terrain and compact track loader is quite different from skid steer loaders. Pick the one that will suit your landscape.

These machines don’t put much pressure on the ground compared to skid steers. They will keep excellent traction thanks to rubber and steel tracks.

If you have a landscape with sand and mud, a compact track loader is a lot less disruptive to the ground.

With your multi-terrain loader, they are a lot lighter. They aren’t as disruptive compared to compact track loaders and skid steers.

To pick the best multi-terrain loader for landscaping, find a lightweight machine. These kinds of loaders are perfect for delicate areas like sod. They won’t affect the stability.

Like skid steers, multi-terrain and compact track loaders will handle these issues. You can complete trenching, mulching, and brush cutting. You will need the proper attachment.

What About an Excavator?

Excavators are an excellent machine to use if you need a bucket attached at the end of a boom. You can research different excavators.

There are popular excavators for landscaping because they aren’t challenging to transport. Look at getting compact excavators like mini excavators. Use this kind of excavator for a small-scale job.

You could also look at getting a backhoe. Backhoes have a loader bucket on the front of your machine and a bucket on the arm at the back.

Do you need a suction excavator? The excavator will use teeth and water to break up the soil slowly. Then you can vacuum it up.

Replace the bucket on an excavator with various attachments. Use it for landscaping areas like SA Land Clearing land, drilling holes, or grading.

What About Dozers?

The bulldozer will use a large blade to finish grading land or moving dirt.
You can use a straight-edge blade. You could also get a universal blade that’s curved with wing-like side enclosures.

Some people get combination blades, a mix of universal and straight edges.

These tracked machines will have many sizes. You can get compact or small dozers for residential or smaller landscaping projects.

Equipment for Landscaping

We hope this guide on equipment for landscaping was helpful. Consider the different tools you will need for your project. What are your overall goals?

Research the different brands, and consider buying used or renting some machinery.

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