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How To Choose The Best Pillow

Making Sense Of The Different Sizes Of Pillows | Best bed pillows, Side  sleeper pillow, Best pillows for sleeping

Before you know how to choose the best pillow (or “travesseiro”, in portuguese) for you, we will explain what a pillow is and the importance of having a good pillow.

A pillow is an object that aims to fill the space between the person’s head and bed, to relieve the cervical spine, and thus, the person can get a good night’s sleep. The pillow consists of a feather, feather, or other material filling covered by a cover to protect its internal part, giving that volume necessary to relieve the cervical.

If the person frequently sleeps in the wrong position without relieving tension in the cervical, this can lead to several problems, such as back pain, lumbar, cervical, and shoulders. Also, there is the problem that your sleep is not restful, which can lead to several health problems, such as insomnia, diabetes, depression, among others.

Another essential detail is the pillow that can lead to a stormy night’s sleep. Also, proper hygiene is necessary for you to have a good night’s sleep and preserve your health.

Types of pillows: There are several types of pillows available on the market. It is vital to pay attention to what each pad has to offer. The models can differ in several aspects, mainly in the filling material and in the types of pillows.

But before talking about the primary materials used, we will talk a little about the most sought-after types of pillows, so you can better understand what each model has to offer.

Common pillow: The common pillow is the most basic pillow that people use to get a better night’s sleep. The common pillow’s function is to bring more comfort and fill the space between the head and the bed of the people who are using it.

This type of pillow’s materials can vary widely, with viscoelastic foam pillows (NASA), latex pillow, feather pillow, feather pillow, among other models being quite common, each of these materials offering an advantage and disadvantage. For example, the feather pillow may be the most comfortable, but it is not highly recommended for allergic people.

Pillow for pregnant women: The pillow for pregnant women is a model made to accommodate women in their pregnancy. As pregnancy passes, the pregnant woman’s belly grows, and the sleeping position becomes more and more uncomfortable.

Choosing a good pillow is essential because keeping your health up to date during pregnancy is an arduous task. In addition to the change in weight, pregnancy affects the hormones of the female body.

Although most pregnant women go through pregnancy without this type of pillow, we can say that the pad for pregnant women brings some advantages over ordinary pillows, such as full support for the pregnant woman’s belly, the ability to adapt to the body shape, support to limit their movement during the night.

Orthopedic or cervical pillow: An orthopedic pillow or cervical pillow is a straighter and smaller pillow than the other types of pillows found on the market. This type of pillow serves as neck support and is recommended for people who have tension problems and back pain at bedtime. Some unexplained headaches can also be resolved with this type of pillow.

Anti-reflux pillow: Despite the higher cost, the anti-reflux pillow, also called an anti-reflux ramp or pillow, is very suitable for babies (or anyone who wants to fight the famous varicose veins and relieve the sensations of reflux from day to day). Its composition is based on 100% Polyester fabric and 100% Polyurethane Foam filling.

In some models of anti-reflux pillows, there may be protection against fungi, bacteria, and other agents harmful to health (waste, heat, humidity, etc.). Besides massaging buds may be present in the foam of the pillow. So, for you who have reflux problems and want to solve your problem by having a better night’s sleep, choose an anti-reflux pillow.

Below, see which is the best pillow (melhor travesseiro) in Brazil

  • Best Nasa pillow: Nasa-X Duoflex viscoelastic foam
  • Best spine and cervical pillow: Duoflex Nasa cervical pillow 50 x 70
  • Best latex antiallergic pillow: Duoflex Latex Real Pillow
  • Best Orthopedic Pillow: Fiberglass Cervical Orthopedic Pillow
  • Best Pillow for Pregnant Women: Cotton Fiberglass Earthworm Pillow
  • Best Baby Pillow: Fiberglass Latex Anti-Smothering Pillow
  • Best anti-reflux pillow: Adult anti-reflux fiber pillow
  • Best viscoelastic pillow: Nasa Fibersca Pillow Up3
  • Best feather pillow: Buddemeyer Touch Pillow 50 x 70
  • Best goose feather pillow: Daune pillow 100% goose feather and feather
  • Best gel pillow: Ortobom Viscopur Gel Pillow