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How To Clean Intex Pool Liner?

Do you want to clean your Intex Pool Liner? But you don’t know how to clean your pool liner well? Then there is no reason for you to worry because we will show you how to clean Intex Pool Liner through this article.

Although most of us want to enjoy the pool without cleaning it, cleaning is still a part of the life of pool owners. And once this cleansing is done regularly and correctly, cleaning will help keep your Intex Pool Liner in tip-top shape. If you are removing sponges, vacuum cleaners, and pool scrubbers, it will look good. Moreover, these Intex Pools are excellent in terms of quality and are long-lasting. So you follow the steps below to clean your intex pool liner.

How To Clean Intex Pool Liner?

Method Of Cleaning 

Intex pool liners are normally created of vinyl. The pool liner is used to defend the inner surface of the pools from environmental and man-made dangers. The pool liner needs to be cleaned from time to time to maintain the appearance and condition of the pool. Luckily it is simple to clean. See the Intex pool reviews to learn more.

Drain your Pool 

When you clean your pool liner, you want to drain the pool. You start this step by attaching a secretion sock to your pool drain with a submersible, or samp pump. Next, you place the opposite end of the hose in the place where you want to store the water. And when practicing this step, it is very important that you pump water to a safe place, such as a sewer drain.

After deciding on a suitable drainage location, use the sump pump to completely drain the pool, thus preparing the liner for the cleaning process. Then how long it will take for your swimming pool to dry completely will depend entirely on the size of the swimming pool.

Scrub The Liner 

Then spread the liner well on a flat clean surface. Then you place the smooth buckets made of plastic on the edge of the liner to protect it. Mix one part of it with a solution of light cleanser and two parts of hot water then start cleaning the liner with a sponge or a soft brush and keep on cleaning well. Continue to do this slowly in small portions of the cleanser with the garden hose. Avoid scrubbing too strictly because you can tear off the liner at any time and refrain from using any hard abrasive cleanser on it that only damages the pool liner.

Leave the water on the hard spot for at least 10 minutes before you cleaning again. If they do not dissolve very quickly, keep repeating this process until they disappear or fade significantly. Moreover, chlorine in swimming pool chemicals helps prevent hard spots, so there are no spots that cannot be discharged from the pool liner.

Use beach Cleaner

And if you find that your pool liner has fungus or stains caused by some type of bacteria, you need to use a cleaner with a bleach base. Take the same amount of chlorine bleach and water for this; And mix it. You can pour this spray into the bottle and let it spread on the pool liner. And, dry this bleach cleaner on top of the liner. Then when it dries, wash it well with water.

Wash It  

The cleaning chemicals used in the liner make sure that any type of water has been washed away. After you clean it, wash the entire liner thoroughly again with a garden hose.

Dry The Liner 

Then dry your liner well using a clean cloth or soft towel before reinstalling it on the pool. An alternative is to add a small immersion pool to the drain hose and put it in the center of the pool to drain excess water. And if you see that the bottom of your pool is uneven, brush the water towards the center using a soft little brush.

And refill your pool after switching the submersible pump. And add the appropriate chemicals to it and allow the pool filter to run for a few days before dipping.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have covered the whole process of what is needed to clean a dirty vinyl liner and how to do it. And by following it properly you will be able to accomplish it without any hassle. Hope you have benefited through this.