Monday, May 27

How to do Simple Repairs on Washers in Vaughan

It’s gone from something that would have been considered a luxury over a century ago to an appliance that we can’t do without today: the washing machine. It makes our lives easier and keeps us all cleaner and happier. So, it’s understandable why some people panic when the washer starts making strange noises or isn’t working quite right anymore. There are times when it’s necessary to call in an appliance repair company, but there are also occasions when a simple repair can be made. Here are a few tips on how to make simple repairs to washing machines:

The washer won’t turn on. This is a common occurrence with washing machines, but there is no need to panic just yet. There are some simple things that can account for the problem that won’t require a call to the closest appliance repair company in Vaughan.

First, make sure that there is power running to the washer. Breakers can be tripped from surges and should be checked. If the breaker is thrown, then simply turn it back on. Otherwise, the washer motor could have overheated. If the washing machine has seen heavy use, then wait an hour and see if it works again after having a chance to cool down.

The last thing to check before making that call to a washer repairman is to check the button that is depressed by the door every time it’s closed. If the button is stuck then the washer can’t activate. This is usually because something is blocking the button and just needs to be removed. 

If none of the above worked, then it’s time to call up that local washer repair business in Vaughan.

The washer is emitting a bad/strange smell. Like many other appliances, washers can have dirt, oils, and everything else that’s been washed in it accumulate. This can cause odd smells and laundry not coming out quite so spring fresh. Luckily, the solution for this is easy: Washers have a washer cleaning cycle designed to clear out any buildup that may have accumulated over time. Running the cycle with a cup of bleach, lemon juice, or vinegar will usually clear up the problem. Only if this doesn’t work and the smell persists should a washing machine repairman be called in.

The washer is leaking. This is a problem that does need immediate attention but might not require a call to a washer repairman. There is also a simple fix that might do the trick when it comes to this. It is possible that someone in the house might be using too much laundry soap in the washer. This might not seem like a big deal, but when too much is used, the machine can cause an excess of bubbles and foam, which will then leak out of the machine.

If this isn’t the problem, then it is possible that a hose is leaking, in which case it might be a good idea to make a call to a washing machine repair company.