Wednesday, April 24

How To Get Your Home Ready For Summer? 

Dear homeowners, as much as we wish that we skip this coronavirus time & move to covid-19 free world, it’s not happening soon enough. We have to prepare for the summer & get our homes ready for a comfortable stay. It’s important, now more than ever. 

Here’s how you can do it!

  1. Remove the winter vibe 

Right now your home may have the thick draperies, blankets, heavy rugs and an overall, darker theme. Pull out the brighter bedsheets and accessories from your storage, and place them. 

Candles could be replaced by vases with fresh flowers and heavy mats and rugs could be replaced by lightweight natural fabrics. Just this small activity would take out the winter vibe and make your home ready for summer.

  1. Declutter and organize

Plan out a declutter spree. From your refrigerator to your wardrobe, everything that doesn’t scream summer needs to go. Decluttering is a therapeutic activity and can also help you combat anxiety during this unprecedented pandemic. 

We suggest you to make a plan of every space in your house used for storage, and schedule days for each of them. It maybe a long and slow process, but it’s worth investing your time in. You never know what treasures you’ll find in your wardrobe hidden by the pile of your daily wear items.  So, consider it as an expedition rather than a home organization task and it’ll be much more fun. 

  1. Get your cooling system ready

Fans and air conditioning is necessary to be used in many parts of the world, during summer. For most of us, it’s not a luxury but a basic necessity. 

We don’t recommend starting your air conditioning systems without a proper service, however, we suggest you to take caution here for social distancing is of prime important at this time. 

  1. Pest control

Summer months also bring the unwelcome insects. They can not only be a nuisance but also a carrier of diseases like dengue fever and malaria. Make sure you spray your house with appropriate pesticides and have screen doors & windows to ensure pests don’t enter your home. 

For cockroaches, you need to reach to the warm areas of your house and use appropriate measures – bug sprays & bug repellents to get rid of them.

  1. Home Decor tips for summer

In the summer season, you will need a lot of changes for bringing the right vibe. If you’ve been thinking of remodelling your house for long, we suggest you hire an interior designer for this task. An interior designer can personalize your house, specifically to your location and personality. 

While you think of taking the final plunge, here are a few things you can do to make your home decor ready for this summer! 

  1. Create space. Space out the furniture towards the wall to give your house an airy feel. 
  2. Switch to lighter curtains so that your space becomes more breathable. 
  3. Plan a few open spaces in your house. It could be a corner in your terrace or balcony. Make it bright & happy. 
  4. Use plants to bring freshness inside your home. Greenery can instantly uplift the vibe of your house and make it seem summer-y. 
  5. Use lighter colours for your bedding. 
  6. Add paintings and decor with floral motifs for a summer vibe.
  7. Add pops of colour – maybe, with a graphic painting or paint your wall a different shade or with colourful accessories. 

Here are some more summer interior design tips to beat the heat! Depending on your existing home design, there are endless possibilities. And remember, little things can make a big difference. 

Moods are heavy with the news out there, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about uplifting your mood while you stay home. You can and we wish our tips help! 

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