Wednesday, April 17

How to Iron Curtains

Curtains add a sense of elegance in the interiors. With properly maintained curtains, the interior look can be retained for long. However when the curtain package arrives, they are heavily wrinkled. But using the correct technique you can easily remove those wrinkles. All it takes are a set of tricks and methods.

First start with unpacking your packaged curtains. You have to rinse them with cold water. Put them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. Allow them to dry on the gentle low heat cycle. Not only does this cleans the dust residue. But also helps make the wrinkles less difficult.

If you are replacing your curtains with the ones in your storage. It is usual for them to be dusty. You then need to wash them. Use warm water to do so. But if only the label on the fabric recommends it. Generally the curtains can be washed using cold water. This ideally prevents shrinkage and fading of the fabric. For dirt residue, the best is to wash it with a detergent. Try selecting fabric appropriate detergent to avoid any fading or discoloration. Make sure to carefully go through the instructions that come with the curtains. These instructions guide if the curtains require any special treatment. If you do not find such instructions, look for a tag on the fabric. That would give you the information regarding the fabric.

Next place your iron board near the hanging spot. For instance close to the window you plan to hang your curtains. This will help prevent wrinkles to develop while you transfer the curtains after ironing. If you are having problems placing your iron board near. You can use an extension to cover the distance. Also try making it stand taller. As this will aid in easy transferring to the height you want to hang.

It is now time to set up the temperature. This depends on the iron you are using. The heating up time may vary. Mostly approximately 5 minutes are enough to heat up. Now adjust the dial appropriate to the fabric requirement. For this just have a look at the tag to find out the curtain fabric. Common fabrics are mentioned on the iron dial to adjust appropriately.

Prepare a spray bottle. A slight dampening of the curtains is required to help in proper ironing. Normal tap water would work fine. But in case you have hard water, you are suggested to use the distilled one. Hard water causes mineral buildup discoloring the curtains. Some irons do have the spray feature in them. You can use those too if it is available.

To start ironing lay out your curtains. There are several ways to lay your curtains. It is best to start from the top to down to prevent skipping any wrinkles. With the curtain rod loops it is easy to identify the top. You will have to even reposition many times when ironing top to bottom. Use the spray bottle and dampen the curtain area while ironing. Over the width pass your iron back and forth. Do this till the wrinkles get smoothen then go towards the bottom segment. You won’t be able to lay out your curtains on the board at once. Once the top segment is ironed, hand it, with the following bottom segment laid on the board. This way you could appropriately iron each segment, with just adjusting the height of the iron board. To start hanging the iron part, take off the curtain rod. Add on the tabs, hanging loops or pockets at the curtain’s top. Hand the rod and curtain on the place. The un-ironed segment now should hang laid on the iron board. Here a proper height adjustable iron board works best. Proceed ironing the bottom and allow them to hang segment wise. Just ensure to avoid any angles that are sharp. As this could re-wrinkle the fabric. After you have finished, look for sport wrinkles. You can easily get rid of them too in case you missed while on board. Just spray over it making the spot damp. With your hands smooth the fabric and allow it to dry. This method works best when removing soft wrinkles.