Thursday, April 18

How to maintain and Renovate the Exterior of your House?

When it comes to renovation and maintenance, people often limit it to the interiors. The major damage and exposure happen to the exterior walls. If you want to make your home look welcoming, I would suggest looking after those exterior walls.

Following are some methods to maintain and renovate your exterior walls:


In the northern hemisphere, the south side of the house gets the most heat from the sun. It’s recommended to plant trees on that side. It reduces the heat which reduces the over-exposure of the all. This simple method is environment-friendly and reduces damage to the exterior wall paint.

Fill in concrete

Concrete can wear down and crack over-time. It requires periodic maintenance and fill-up. You need to keep an eye at them because if gone unnoticed for a long time, the repair cost can be pretty huge. If you choose the right cement at the right price like the Price of “Tiger Cement” (ราคาปูน ตราเสือ, which is the term in Thai) the concrete will last longer.


There are paints available in the market that are specially made to withstand sun exposure, rain damage, etc. If you are going for renovation, take down the previous paint and put one that provides maximum wall protection. Sometimes, their effect can also depend upon the type of cement beneath the surface. 

That’s why some manufacturing companies have their products of cement as well as paint. These special paints are a little costlier than the normal one and you can always check the Price of “Tiger Cement”.

Inspect the foundation

Foundation issues and damages can very dangerous if not fixed and taken care of immediately. Since the entire structure depends upon the foundation, it is very important to use the best building material in it. 

A tip, there are certain standards according to which a foundation is built such as, the depth of the foundation depends upon the story of the building. Some people only get it done with a single-story building in mind but later, renovate the place to two or more stories. So, plan your foundation according to your future renovations.

Water clogs

Water clogging can often weaken the walls and the floors. If these are not fixed, the building material of that specific spot starts coming off and this can be a major disaster. 

Houses that are made of wood, can have serious damage because of long clogged water or leaks. Therefore, maintain the exterior drainage pipes especially the ones on the roof.

For further detailed tips and help, you can always consult a professional. Your best bet to maintain a good structure would be to the best material and planner from the very beginning of the construction. If anything goes wrong, you can always contact your building manufacturer.