Friday, June 21

How to Prevent Water Damage at Your Business?

For a small company, a pipe burst or a water related accident can be financially devastating. When a business suffers a flooding or freezing event, it can be a big loss which eventually means lost sales. These can also lead to even more expensive risks, such as mold growth and structural damage, so if your company encounters a water related accident you would need to act quickly to minimize the harm of your company. It’s always best to avoid such incidents in the first place. To safeguard your company from flooding and freezing damage here some tips which will be helpful.

Insulate Manifested pipes

Exposed pipes are permeable to freezing when temperatures drop during the winter, especially at night. Inside a poorly insulated pipe, plummeting temperatures or cold draughts can freeze water; it generates pressure which can eventually burst pipes. Broken pipes may cause high flooding or damage. Making sure they are sealed is the safest way to avoid frozen pipes. Usually, hardware stores carry pipe insulation. Using more insulation will cause more safety to your pipes

Maintain adequate levels of temperature 

You have to keep an eye on your company’s thermostat to save the pipes from freezing. When the building is empty or even in the weekends makes sure the thermostat is never set lower than 50 degrees. Avoid large variations in temperatures at night and during the day also or else it can raise the risks of freezing your pipes. 

Examine the drainage and sewer 

In gutters and sewers fallen leaves and other junks can create water damage which can easily harm a building’s exterior and interior walls. Clear any junks or accumulation. To ensure that water drains correctly and away from the house clean drainage system professionally on a regular basis.

Following the above measures you can handle any accident. However, in case of emergency you must hire a reputed emergency water restoration San Diego.