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How to Save Your Money During Your Move

How to Save Money on Your Move

Relocating to a new home can be a nightmare, especially when working with a fixed budget. Prior planning can help you cut down on moving expenses and help you maintain your sanity. Hera a few tips to help you save money as you move to a new neighborhood.

Packing and Packaging

Most moving packages will charge you extra for packing. You can eliminate this cost by packing yourself or asking your friends for a helping hand if you have many items to pack. This might take time and will be more stress-free if done before the day of the relocation. A good strategy is to pack in bits until you are done.

Buying a ton of packaging boxes will add to the cost of your move. Look for free boxes from friends, utility stores, godown facilities or factories. If you are having a hard time finding free boxes, ask for used boxes. They are cheaper than new boxes and will also save you money. Trash bags and suitcases can also provide adequate packaging at no cost.

Remove the Clutter

Moving with items you no longer use will add weight to your belongings and add to your moving expenses.  Sell off or donate items that are in good condition to charities. If you are making a long-distance move, consider getting rid of the cheap heavier items as buying new ones in the new locality may be cheaper.

Compare Quotes from Different Moving Companies

Sometimes, you are urgently required to move and have little time to make considerations. Moving companies are your best bed during such times.  Find out what different movers are charging to help you get the best rates. To safeguard your items, look for quality movers who understand your concerns and promise to deliver your items intact.

Relocate During Off-Peak Seasons

Many people relocate during summer when the weather is perfect and conducive for settlement in a new home. The moving companies are in high demand at these times and will leave little room for negotiation. Moving outside the summer window can get you a better deal as the demand for moving services is lower. It is also cheaper to move during weekdays as most people prefer to move during weekends.

Consider Moving Yourself

Moving yourself will help you save a lot of money as you will only be factoring truck charges. However, this is only recommended when you do not have many items to move. You can ask a few of your friends to help load your belongings and unload at your destination.  Pack your items beforehand to save time and energy on the day of moving.

Settling for a Fixed Moving Rate

Moving can take longer than anticipated despite making adequate preparations. Moving companies will charge for your move every hour, which can be very expensive in case of unforeseen delays. Having a fixed rate will ensure your cost remains the same, no matter the duration of your relocation.

These moves will help you prepare adequately for your next move, make your transition seamless and save you money.