Monday, February 26

How to Soundproof Your Home

Looking to soundproof your home? Do you wish to keep noise in specific rooms? Or keep noise out of the home, in general?

Depending on what you need and are hoping to do, these projects can have simple solutions or require intense renovations.

Our home soundproofing guide will walk you through the process and the costs you can expect, so let’s begin.

External Soundproofing Tips

Maybe you live near a highway, a train, or neighbors who love to play heavy metal music late into the night. Whatever the reason, you need to try and dampen the sound.

It’s advised to start external and work your way internally. For example, if sound primarily comes from one direction of your home, focus your attention on that side of the home.

If the wall is bare, put up bookcases, heavy artwork, or flags or banners to help mitigate sound. It’s pertinent to cover the entirety of the wall, if possible.

Windows are another issue. Investing in thick, heavy-duty curtains will help. Your results may vary.

To truly dampen external sound, you’re going to have to go into the walls and install soundproof insulation. A+ Insulation will do this dirty work for you.

They use special materials to insulate your home, keeping the temperature regulated, as well as reducing the sounds that reverberate between your exterior wall and the drywall. This may also be used for interior walls.

Internal Soundproofing Tips

You have a lot more control over sounds inside your home, depending on your budget. However, there are more factors at play. You have acoustic sounds, as well as contact-related sounds.

Rugs and carpets can help dampen contact-related sounds from floor to floor. Special drywall and soundproofing insulation will help reduce acoustic sound going between rooms or floors.

Even with these efforts, it likely won’t make your space perfectly soundproof.

How to Soundproof a Room

Do want to know the absolute best way to soundproof a room? Work on your home’s ventilation and air duct system.

Sounds carry expertly in these enclosed metal ducts. You may be able to hear conversations on the other side of your home, perfectly, like prisoners who communicate with one another this way from their cells.

If your home has forced air, this likely means your home has many registers which are crucial for heating and cooling. If you don’t mind this, then great.

However, if you’re setting up a movie theater and want to keep the noise contained, you’ll want to hire a professional to reroute your ducts, in addition to insulation. The cost here is high but well worth it for a truly sound-proofed space.

Invest in Home Soundproofing

It’s a safe bet that home soundproofing will improve your quality of life. Whether it’s investing in rugs for those noisy kids upstairs or heavy curtains to mitigate the howl of the train, a little bit of peace of mind is worth it.

And if building a new home or planning a new space, invest in someone to install soundproof insulation and work on your ducts. The results will impress you.

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