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How You Can Make Sure of the Gas Pool Heating

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This device can be used for an in-flight shower, in hot weather it will quickly warm up the water to a comfortable temperature.

Instantaneous water heater

It is a solar system, inside which water circulates in an open circuit. It is heated by solar energy while it passes through the heat exchanger. Inside the aluminum frame is a copper circuit. From below it is thermally insulated, from above it is covered with light-absorbing material. It is covered with tempered glass with high light transmittance.

  • The structure is tilted 35-45⁰ for maximum absorption of light energy. In winter, in our latitudes, the slope is recommended to be set at 60⁰.
  • It can be equipped with an accumulation tank in which hot water is accumulated. This will be relevant when the weather changes to more cloudy, when access to sunlight is closed. A flow-through solar system can be made independently. Calling the gas pool heating service is important there.

Solar Water Heater for Swimming Pool

How to make your own flow solar collector

Consider several options for self-manufacturing of a flow-through solar water heater.

  • Rubber garden hose.
  • Wooden frame.
  • Insulation.
  • Heat absorbing material.
  • Glass.
  • The hose reel is twisted in a spiral, fixed in this position.
  • A wooden frame is made for the required number of such heat exchangers.
  • The bottom is covered with insulation (foam, mineral wool).
  • It is covered with a dark material on top, it should be matte, as glossy or mirror-like will reflect the sun’s rays.
  • Coils of hoses are laid on a dark surface and fixed. It is also desirable to paint them black.
  • Holes are drilled inside the frame according to the diameter of the hoses for hot / cold water inlets / outlets.
  • Glass is laid on top of a wooden base, fixed with a sealant.
  • The system is connected to the water supply.

Solar Water Heater for Swimming Pool

Also, instead of a rubber hose, a copper pipe circuit, a radiator for cooling equipment, etc. can be used. The design principle remains the same.

Swimming pool water heater

The solar water heating system can be used to heat the pool supplies water. Despite the fact that it is often outdoors, the water in it warms up to a comfortable temperature only on particularly hot days. The rest of the time, the solar collector connected to the pool water supply system will help warm up the pool. This option is also suitable for heating indoor swimming facilities.

The solar plant can be assembled in production or manually. In addition, it can be used in winter in clear weather.

The assembly diagram for the pool water heater is the same as above. The difference is the larger size. To install the device, it is recommended to prepare a special area lined with paving slabs or concreted. It will give great stability to a large structure. For gas pool heating this is important.

Last Words

The finished water heater is installed on the site. The cold water connection drops to the bottom of the pool from one side. The outlet for heated water is located on the opposite side. The electric pump is connected to the system for forced circulation of the liquid. You can also install a check valve, additional taps, a branch pipe for bleeding steam.